Introducing the Sinclair ZX Spectrum SE

The ZX Spectrum SE is a modest enhancement of the original ZX Spectrum which is nearly 100% compatible with the entire range of Z80 based computers made by Sinclair Research and Timex Computer between 1980 and 1986.


CPU:  Z80A  3.528 Mhz 
RAM:  272K  Home Bank   48K 

            Ex Bank     64K 
            Dock Bank   64K 
            128 Bank    96K 
ROM:  32K   ROM 0       BBC Basic 
            ROM 1       SE Basic 
ULA:  27K   4x 256x192  (8x8 attributes) 

            2x 256x192  (8x1 attributes) 
            2x 519x192  (mono) 
AUDIO:      AY-3-8912 / Beeper

This specification describes the final ROM release of the machine. At present ROM 0 contains a modified version of the 128 Editor and ROM 1 contains the original Spectrum ROM. Further details are available from the comp.sys.sinclair faq. The final ROM will be released when SE Basic is completed. The machine will default to SE Basic unless SPACE is held at reset to activate BBC Basic.

Where to buy

The ZX Spectrum SE has not gone into production. At present it is only available as an upgrade to the Timex TC2048 and TC2068 and the Unipolbrit UK2086 in Europe and the Timex TS2068 in America . These machines can be found for sale in Portugal and Poland (European model), the United States, Canada and Argentina (American model) and on auction sites such as eBay. Once you have a suitable machine you will need to contact Yarek Adamski who can supply and fit the upgrade for you.


The ZX Spectrum SE is emulated by version 0.7.0 of FUSE (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) and higher. Binaries of this version are available for MacOS Xv10.3, Mandrake v10.0, NetBSD and SuSE from the FUSE site.


The ZX Spectrum SE will run most software written for Z80 based computers made by Sinclair Research and Timex Computer between 1980 and 1986. That's everything from the ZX80 to the Spectrum+ 128K, including the TS2068. Most Spectrum software will run without an emulator, although a few titles, such as Travel with Trashman , will require it. An emulator is also required to run ZX80, ZX81 and Timex 2068 software and programs written in 128 Basic (if using the final ROM release). Owing to the huge amount of time involved in creating new software from scratch, early releases for the ZX Spectrum SE will consist of emulators, programming tools, enhanced versions of existing Spectrum games and Timex 2068 software for use with the Timex 2068 emulator.

Full Title Version/
Publisher Producer/
Type Notes Download
42 Column
1.0 10/05/02 World of Spectrum Andrew Owen SE Utility:
Provides 42 column character support for SE Basic.
(1,094 bytes)
128 Basic Mk I 1985 Investronica Sinclair Research Ltd SE Programming Bugfixed by Ian M. Collier. Includes a built-in text editor.
Androids 06-4001 1983 Timex Computer Corp Peter Aked 2068 Arcade:
(7,144 bytes)
1985 Novelsoft David C. Ridge 2068 Utility:
Contains pretty pictures, not of much use.
(7,019 bytes)
Basic 64 TS2068 1984 TMX Portugal TMX Portugal 2068 Utility:
Provides support for 64 to 85 column text and drawing commands in 512x192 mode.
(8,356 bytes)
Byte Power February 1988 Byte Power Byte Power 2068 Covertape
(106,450 bytes)
Crazy Bugs 06-4023 1983 Timex Computer Corp Steve Hughes 2068 Arcade
(5,601 bytes)
1983 Timex Computer Corp Timex Computer Corp 2068 Educational
(14,507 bytes)
Disassembler 2068 Programming A BASIC disassembler. Pretty slow but sometimes useful to see OS64 code, if OS64 is present.
(4,682 bytes)
Elite DX 1985 Firebird Software Ltd Torus 48 Strategy:

06-3000 1983 Timex Computer Corp Charles Davies 2068 Simulation
(14,118 bytes)
Horace and
the Spiders
06-4019 1983 Timex Computer Corp William Tang 2068 Arcade:
(8,904 bytes)
Hot Z
1.43 Ray Kingsley 2068 Programming Oldest version. Has some advantages because of the location that it is located.
(11,248 bytes)
Hot Z
1.84 Ray Kingsley 2068 Programming High memory version. The Help screens are accessed from extended mode by pressing the 'H' key.
(15,607 bytes)
Hot Z
1.95 Ray Kingsley 2068 Programming Low memory version. These versions are not AROS compatible.
(15,286 bytes)
Keyword Jack Dohany 2068 Programming Allows you to type in commands letter by letter rather than using keywords. Instructions are included in the program.
(2,603 bytes)
Keyword 5.0 2068 Programming Another program which allows the user to spell out the tokenized keywords.
(2,275 bytes)
Mscript 1983 21st Century Eletronics Micro Systems Software 2068 Business An older version of this 64 column word processor (uses 512x192 Timex graphic mode).
(6,664 bytes)
Mscript 1.0 1983 Zebra Systems Inc Micro Systems Software 2068 Business A bit more advanced version of Mscript word processor. Allows customising the printer interface, etc.
(11,629 bytes)
Penetrator 06-4002 1983 Timex Computer Corp Philip Mitchel 2068 Arcade:
(19,867 bytes)
Personal Portfolio
06-2009 1983 Timex Computer Corp R. B. Cram 2068 Home
(7,759 bytes)
Pro Pinball 06-4000 1983 Timex Computer Corp R.E.D. Sunshine 2068 Arcade
(10,760 bytes)
ProFile 2068 Business Filing database program. There was also advanced AROS cartridge version of this program.
(3,882 bytes)
Public Domain 2068 Compilation
(34,515 bytes)
R-Type DX 1988 Activision Inc Bob Pape,
Mark A. Jones
128 Arcade:
Single-load by Russell Marks.
(92,462 bytes)
Rambo DX 1985 Ocean Software Ltd David J. Anderson,
F. David Thorpe
48 Arcade:
Bugfixed by Goodboy.
(25,016 bytes)
SE Basic 0.80a 10/05/02 World of Spectrum Andrew Owen SE Programming An early beta version of Sinclair Extended Basic for the ZX Spectrum SE.
(13,683 bytes)
SE Basic
1.01 1986 HiSoft Cameron Hayne 48 Programming Converts Sinclair [Extended] Basic into machine code. Bugfixed by Zeljko Juric.
(16,390 bytes)
Shadow of the
Unicorn SE
1985 Mikro-Gen Ltd Dale McLoughlin,
Shelly McLoughlin
SE Adventure:
No more mucking about with ROM files - and a pretty loading screen!
(35,718 bytes)
Smart Terminal 06-2012 Timex Computer Corp Anchor Automation Inc 2068 Home
(3,339 bytes)
Sprite Pack 2.2 27/09/03 Alvin R. Albrecht 48 Utility: Screen
For use with Z80 assembler or Z88DK.
(401,310 bytes)
Starion DX 1985 Melbourne House David M. Webb 48 Arcade:
Bugfixed by Jim Grimwood.
Super Hot Z
2.51 Ray Kingsley 2068 Programming Can be loaded and run in the HOME, EXROM and DOCK banks (with extra RAM in EXROM or DOCK banks).
(17,791 bytes)
Tape Corrector Byte Power Kris Boisvert 2068 Utility:
A fabulous tape reconditioner for the Spectrum & Timex 2068 released on the Byte Power tape magazine.
(1,014 bytes)
Tasword Two 1983 Tasman Software 2068 Business Timex version of Tasword Spectrum word processer program, but no extra features (not even 512x192 mode).
(8,900 bytes)
Techdraw Jr. 1985 Zebra Systems Inc 2068 Utility:
Graphics program. Uses Timex dual display file for flood fill & undo. Also uses Timex joysticks.
(11,334 bytes)
Time Machine 1.0 1986 Novelsoft Cameron Hayne 2068 Programming Timex version of the Hisoft Basic Compiler. A little demo is included on the tape.
(11,345 bytes)
Timex 2068
1.0 02/12/04 Alvin R. Albrecht SE Utility:
Run Timex 2068 software on your ZX Spectrum SE.
(17,957 bytes)
Toolkit 2068 Programming Toolkit program for TS2068 with four functions: renumber, kill REM lines, list variables and compact BASIC program.
(3,522 bytes)
Upload 2000 1983 EZ-Key David Ornstein 2068 Utility:
Utility to load in BASIC programs from the ZX81/TS1000/TS1500 into TS2068.
(1,685 bytes)
VU-3D 06-1002 1983 Timex Computer Corp Psion Software Ltd 2068 Business
(33,127 bytes)
VU-Calc 06-1000 1983 Timex Computer Corp Psion Software Ltd 2068 Business
(5,284 bytes)
VU-File 06-1001 1983 Timex Computer Corp Psion Software Ltd 2068 Business
(10,825 bytes)
Window Print 32 1987 J. Bell John M. Bell 2068 Utility: Screen
An excellent basic extension utility with demo program. Allows windowed printing, scrolling, font effects etc.
(4,757 bytes)
Window Print 64 1987 J. Bell John M. Bell 2068 Utility: Screen
Requires Zebra Systems OS64 (not currently supported by the Timex 2068 Emulator).
(4,229 bytes)
1983 J. C. Kilday Associates J. Kilday 2068 Programming Disasembler which also can disassemble shadow (EXROM) Timex ROM.
(5,318 bytes)
ZX80 Emulator 2.00 02/12/04 Paul Farrow SE Utility:
Bugfixed by Geoff Wearmouth.
(6,023 bytes)
ZX81 Emulator 2.01 02/12/04 Paul Farrow SE Utility:
Bugfixed by Geoff Wearmouth.
(11,964 bytes)
ZX Spectrum
Emulator Andrew Owen SE Utility:
Enables programs which require the original ROM to work on the ZX Spectrum SE.