Whitby 1971 Census transcripts
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Whitby1971.csv 166K  CSV file, Whitby 1971 census, created from 1971-72 electoral register.
Whitby1971.rtf 118K  Transcript of Whitby 1971-72 electoral register.
   Data derived from the electoral register, so no entries for children, no ages,
no occupations, etc.
Two wards done so far, about 30% done:
  • WW: Abbey (Green Lane to Henrietta Street)
  • AB: Town (Flowergate/Baxtergate/Skinner Street/Pier Road)
Wards remaining to do:
  • AC: West Cliff (West Cliff, Stakesby)
  • XX: Fishburn Park (Bagdale/Prospect Hill/River Esk)
  • YY: Helredale (Spital Bridge to Eskdale School)
  • ZZ: Ruswarp (Mayfield Road, Ruswarp village)

Some of the records have no 'sex' entry as this is calculated from
the name, and some names are ambiguous.
Ages1971.txt 6K  UK 1971 age profile.

1951 Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 05-Sep-2019