[img] BBC/Master Circuit Diagrams
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32016tube.gif     177K 2500x1800 1M 32016 external second processor
32016copro.gif   1420K 4932x3511 4M 32016 external second processor
6502copro.gif     439K 4096x2897 6502 internal CoProcessor
6502tube.gif      426K 4096x2897 6502 external second processor
6809acn.gif        81K 1715x1188 Acorn 6809 CPU card, hand drawn
6809cpu.gif        41K 1024x702  Acorn 6809 CPU card, redrawn
6809large.gif     471K 6250x4488 Acorn 6809 CPU card, hand drawn
6809CoPro.gif          6809 second processor design outline
6809CoPro.txt          6809 second processor design notes
80186copro.gif    758K 4096x2971 80186 internal CoProcessor
adder.gif          16K  540x400  BBC screen address adder
armcpu.gif        266K 4960x3500 ARM Evaluation System CPU board
armmem.gif        221K 4960x3400 ARM Evaluation System Memory board
atom.gif          425K 4800x3370 Acorn Atom
atombasic.gif     273K 4223x3243 Acorn Atom BBC BASIC adaptor
atomeco.gif       424K 6990x4938 Acorn Atom Econet card
atomkbd.gif        40K 3667x1250 Acorn Atom keyboard mounting PCB, 370mm x 125mm
atomkbdEU.gif      32K 3667x1000 Acorn Atom keyboard mounting PCB, 366.7mm x 100mm Eurocard size
bbc.gif           775K 4096x2773 BBC computer
bbckbd.gif        115K 2585x1807 BBC keyboard with corrections
bbcplus.gif       957K 4096x2971 BBC B+ computer
compact.gif       192K 4096x2971 Master Compact computer
electron.gif      495K 4096x2971 Electron computer - still being cleaned up
econet.gif         60K 2500x1800 Econet card
eprom.gif          76K 2048x1600 EPROM cartridge
master1.gif       763K 4096x2971 Master 128 sheet 1
master2.gif       688K 4096x2971 Master 128 sheet 2
40x25vdu.gif      659K 9952x7040 System 40x25 teletext VDU
80x25vdu.gif      947K 9952x7040 System 80x25 text VDU
romram.gif        931K 6589x4833 System ROM/RAM card
syseco.gif        731K 9952x7040 System Econet card
sysfdc.gif        214K 6350x4488 System floppy disk controller
syskbd.gif        567K 9952x7040 System keyboard
syskbd.jpg         30K  640x294  System keyboard
sysvia.gif        712K 9952x7040 System versatile interface adapter
z80tube.gif       479K 4096x2897 Z80 external second processor

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