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There are three mass hard drive (or 'Winchester') storage options for the BBC and Master: the original Acorn SCSI interface, the ATA/IDE interface, and the GoMMC/GoSDC RAMcard.
To-do: add details of newly developed IDE-SCSI interface.
SCSI drive

SCSI Hard Drive

It has been fairly hard to get hold of the original SCSI cards for the BBC and Master. The SCSI interface card is a fairly complicated design and it is difficult to get compatible drives.

It is uncertain what the remaining lifetime may be on existing BBC SCSI drives, and there is the added complication of finding replacements for failures.

BBC IDE Interface

ATA/IDE Hard Drive

This is a design for a replacement IDE interface that can be used with almost all off-the-shelf IDE drives. As far as the computer is concerned, it is just a hard drive. Up to two physical drives can be plugged in, providing up to four logical drives under a modfied ADFS or HADFS. With an appropriate adaptor, a compact flash card can be plugged into the IDE interface.

With an appropriate root directory installed, the hard drive contents appear as a disk image that can be accessed by any software that understands BBC/Master disk images, such as BBCExplorer and BeebEm.

[John Kortink]


John Kortink has designed a GoMMC/GoSDC card which provides the equivalent of hard drive storage with an MMC RAMcard. Again, as far as the computer is concerned, it just looks like a hard drive - actually, it just looks like a floppy drive, and replaces access to floppy drives. The card can be formatted into as many logical drives as will fit, and can be accessed by a modified DFS, ADFS or HADFS.

The MMC card can easily be removed and plugged into a PC. The raw data can be accessed with standard MMC card software. The supplied GoMMCio program allows batch addition and manipulation of disk images on the MMC card.

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