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 Hard drive support
ComputerNoneSCSI x.x0IDE x.x3MMC x.x7
Electron 1.0x ADFS 1.00 ADFS 1.03 ADFS 1.07
Electron 1.1x ADFS 1.15    
BBC B/B+ 1.3x  ADFS 1.30 ADFS 1.33ADFS 1.37
Master 1.5x  ADFS 1.50 ADFS 1.53 ADFS 1.57
MOS 3.50 2.0x  ADFS 2.03 ADFS 1.53 ADFS 1.57
Compact 2.1x ADFS 2.10   ADFS 1.53 ADFS 1.57

Title Version Date Files Size Description
IDEPatch 1.23 18-May-2017 IDEPatch.zip
46K Patch for ADFS 1.30/1.50 to access up to two IDE hard drives as four logical ADFS drives. Also includes the patch to preserve directory context on Control-Break and some other bugfixes. IDECrunch is a crunched version of IDEPatch.
Updated with optimisations from MMC-ADFS, fixes for 32016 CoPro.
Author: J.G.Harston.
SCSItoIDE 1.10 07-Jan-2011 SCSItoIDE 6K Raw sector-copy program to transfer an Acorn SCSI hard drive to an IDE drive. You must use an IDE interface where you can change the hardware address, and set the address to &FC50 instead of the usual &FC40 so both the SCSI and IDE interfaces can be used. This can be done on some IDE interfaces by moving a link, or by making a special 1MHz bus cable with the A4 and A6 lines swapped.
Once the transfer is done the SCSI interface can be removed, and the IDE interface address returned to &FC40.
Author: J.G.Harston.
IDEDump.txt 1.30 17-Oct-2009 IDEDump 10K IDE Test program
Author: J.G.Harston.
HDInit.txt 1.12 17-Aug-2009 HDInit 12K IDE hard drive initialisation program.
Author: J.G.Harston.

I initially developed this patch using an emulated IDE device and Warm Silence's 6502Em. I then finalised the development using a hardware IDE interface.

I am considering adding RAM-Card support as well, supporting byte-wide RAM cards, such as Sprow's, and MMC cards, such as John Kortink's GoMMC.

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