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ModuleInfo    Using sideways modules
SMLoad/src    Source for *SMLoad to load sideways modules
SMList/src    Source for *SMList to list sideways modules
SMFree/src    Source for *SMFree to list free sideways module space
SMJoin        Join multiple modules into one file
ModWriting    Writing sideways modules
SMLib         Support routine for writing sideways modules
SampleList    Sample list of installed modules

Sideways Modules/Sideways ROMs with relocation tables:
NullKbd/src   Sample sideways module source
NullKbd       NullKeyboard module
RAMCount      Startup banner displays counts sideways RAM
AP6Count      RAMCount for Electron with AP6
AP6v131       Electron AP6 ROM Manager and File Utilities
SRAMv130      BBC ROM Manager and File Utilities
TUBE          Tube host
TUBEelk       Tube host for Electron
MouseROM      Mouse driver
TreeROM       TreeCopy in ROM
DisAssem.rom  Disassembly routines
SWMode        Extended MODEs 8-14
HADFS Support
OwlBoot       Display owl startup splash screen (dv8)
TVSet         Force *TV setting on Break (Ray Bellis)
RESET         *RESET and OSBYTE 163,253, cause machine reset
USBROM        USB Support, keyboard mouse and printer driver
ServROM       Display service calls

Short sideways ROMs suitable for adding modules to:
AP1v131       Electron AP1 support (base ROM)
HostFS        Serial Host Filing System

Pre-built multiple-module sideways ROMs:
AP6v131/rom   AP1+AP6+TUBE+AP6Count
BasicTools    Various BASIC tools
DiskTools     Various disk tools

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