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Updated version of BBC BASIC(86) with access to Windows functions. A free demo restricted to 8K of memory is available for download, and information on purchasing the full version is available on Richard Russell's website.
BBC BASIC(Win) Demo version   1400K Free demo version restricted to 8K of memory. See www.rtrussell.co.uk for latest version.
Make System v0.19
Make.zip 62K A 'make' system for Richard Russell's BBC BASIC for Windows (BBFW). It allows an application to be developed in several smaller source files instead of a single large source file, as well as allowing the easy building up of a 'libraries' of useful pieces of code. This concept will be familiar to anybody who has developed with 'C'.
Basic Converter v1.20
BasConv.zip 21K RISC OS application to convert BBC BASIC files between ARM/BBC/32000 and Z80/80x86 tokenised formats and text files. Updated to include command line support and will correctly convert A to B and back to A again; EXIT and PRIVATE tokenised.
Yahoo BBC BASIC for Windows Yahoo mailing list
Programming Tips Programming tips for BBC BASIC for Windows. Includes internationalising programs and storing user-specific choices.
BLib BBC BASIC programming libraries.
Compat.htm BBC BASIC programs and applications on mdfs.net that run on Windows™
BBC BASIC(Win) Manual
BBC BASIC(86) Manual
Online manual for BBC BASIC(86) and for BBC BASIC(86) for Windows™. The Windows manual is more up to date.
R.T.Russell The home of BBC BASIC for Windows, BBC BASIC(86) for DOS, BBC BASIC(Z80) and the history of BBC BASIC.
Jon Ripley Getting started with BBC BASIC for Windows. Writing Windows API applications and Windows API data types reference. Common programming mistakes. Links to useful sites and resources.

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