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HostFS is a filing system that accesses a remote host.

When wanting to implement a system to access a remote server, one of the first questions is what communication protocol to use. Rather than reinvent the wheel, you may as well use pre-exiting protocols. Whatever protocol you use, it is vitally important that the client does not impose its own expectations of the server's capabilities on the user. The client must just pass everything on to the server, and let it decide what its capabilities are.

Tube protocol

BBC using serial HostFS HostFS is the 6502 Serial Tube Client configured as a remote filing system client. It turns the BBC into a Tube client - yes, the BBC Host Processor becomes a Tube client.

The filing system is selected with *HOSTFS. By default, TubeHost expects the client to be using 4800 baud, 8N1 (8bit 1stop 0parity), so use *FX7,6, *FX8,6 or *Configure Baud 6, *Configure Data 5 at the BBC/Master end. The transmission is actually four times the configured speed, so 19,200.

Byte data link channel:
HostFS 4K  HostFS filing system.
HostFS.txt 2K  HostFS filing system documentation.
TubeHost 38K  Serial Tube Host in BBC BASIC for BBC/RISC OS/Windows.
TubeHost.exe 123K  Serial Tube Host Windows binary.
TubeHost.txt 3K  Serial Tube Host documentation.
Serial65.src 45K  6502 Client and HostFS filing system source.
Mini65.src (L) Tiny 512-byte single-port client that only implements OSWRCH and OSRDCH.
Suitable for a very basic text I/O kernal that can connect to any plain text terminal.
Protocol 12K  Serial Tube protocol documentation.

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