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The Cave Mouth
This is the standard JSW48 altered when I was writing the DefRoom editor. These files include a menu front-end that allows you to turn various extra features on and off.
JetSet.sna 48KStandard Snapshot
JetSet.ssn 64KSpeculator Snapshot
JetSet.tap 32KSpectrum Tapefile
JSW.tap 32KTapefile with JSW split into CODE, Sprites, Objects, Rooms.
JSW.mdr 135KMicrodrive image with JSW split into CODE, Sprites, Objects, Rooms, plus DefRoom editor.

It has the following patches:
  • The Attic, Interface 1 Pause and Block Graphics bugs are fixed.
  • Extended to have seven-bit room numbers, so increasing the number of rooms to 72.
  • You can return to BASIC without clearing memory by pressing SS-Space from the introductory screen.
  • If ROOM+&ED has bit 7 set, it specifies a sprite page to use for the player sprite [Geoff, Broad, Elliot].
  • The Nightmare Room has ROOM+&ED set to &B6 to specify the flying pig sprite for game engines that implement room-specific player sprites.

    The extra rooms have allowed me to fill in some of the the gaps in the game map:
  • between the East Wall and the Bathroom and Chapel,
  • between the Wine Cellar and the Security Guard,
  • under the kitchens and hall.

    Most of these are empty, but three are filled:
  • Room 47 - April Showers - Your Spectrum, April 1985
  • Room 62 - Cave Mouth - Greg Heslington
  • Room 63 - The Cave - Greg Heslington

    You could gain access to the extra rooms by extending the ledge in Halfway up the East Wall [32] to become an exit leftwards to Room 94, and allow the ladder from Ballroom East [20] to go up to Room 95. There is also space for an extra room between The Attic [41] and Dr Jones will never believe this [40].

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