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Song Artist Arranged by Collection
All Creatures Great and Small [TV Theme] J.G.Harston   JGHMusic1.ssd
Arena II Theme   JGHMusic1.ssd
Arpegiator Jean-Michel Jarre   JGHMusic1.ssd
Beverly Hills Cop [Film Theme] Micro Kid   JGHMusic1.ssd
Black & White Rag   JGHMusic1.ssd
Captain Pugwash [TV Theme]   JGHMusic1.ssd
Captain Pugwash Remix!   JGHMusic1.ssd
Chariots of Fire Vangelis   JGHMusic1.ssd
Cheers Theme [TV Theme] Micro Kid   JGHMusic1.ssd
Close to the Edge Art of Noise Greg Heslington   JGHMusic1.ssd
Cold Tea Andrew Robinson R.Cope   JGHMusic1.ssd
Equinoxe V Jean-Michel Jarre Greg Heslington   JGHMusic1.ssd
M*A*S*H Theme [TV Theme] J.G.Harston   JGHMusic1.ssd
Sky's Toccatta Sky/Bach D.Hankinson   JGHMusic1.ssd
ZooLook Jean-Michel Jarre Greg Heslington   JGHMusic1.ssd
Addict's Anthem   Dianel Pugh   JGHMusic2.ssd
Always on my mind Pet Shop Boys Kevan Cheyne   JGHMusic2.ssd
Bear Necessesities The Jungle Book film   JGHMusic2.ssd
Doctor Who   JGHMusic2.ssd
Domino Dancing Pet Shop Boys Danial Pugh   JGHMusic2.ssd
Dreamscape (Cold Tea) Andrew Robinson   JGHMusic2.ssd
Foggy Mountain   JGHMusic2.ssd
GhostBusters Ray Parker Jr D.Hankinson   JGHMusic2.ssd
Oxygene Jean-Michel Jarre   JGHMusic2.ssd
Piano Rag Mike Goldberg   JGHMusic2.ssd
Voyage Voyage Desireless Daniel Pugh   JGHMusic2.ssd
You Pay My Rent Pet Shop Boys Kevan Cheyne   JGHMusic2.ssd
13 Amps   Joel   JJR1.dsd
Airwolf [TV Theme]   JJR1.dsd
Anything Goes Cole Porter Micro Kid   JJR1.dsd
Bad Michael Jackson Kevan Cheyne   JJR1.dsd
Beverly Hills Cop [Film Theme] Micro Kid   JJR1.dsd
Blaze Away March   Melvin Wright   JJR1.dsd
Blue Danube Waltz Johann Strauss Derick Alliban   JJR1.dsd
Broadway Boogie Kleban? Luke & Martin   JJR1.dsd
Cavatina (Deer Hunter Theme) Dvorak   JJR1.dsd
20 Christmas Carols   JJR1.dsd
Christmas Megamix   Laurence Fenn   JJR1.dsd
Cold Tea Andrew Robinson   JJR1.dsd
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Tschaikowsky   JJR1.dsd
Droopy Land   JJR1.dsd
Eastenders Theme [TV Theme] Micro Kid   JJR1.dsd
Electricity OMD The Noige   JJR1.dsd
Electricity OMD Laurence Fenn   JJR1.dsd
Equinoxe V Jean-Michel Jarre   JJR1.dsd
Fandango Boogie   The Noige   JJR1.dsd
Fur Elise Beethoven   JJR1.dsd
Golden Brown The Stranglers J.P.Cope   JJR1.dsd
Infant Holy Traditional Anthony Hedges & John Adamson   JJR1.dsd
Land of Hope and Glory Edward Elgar The Micro Musicians   JJR1.dsd
Little Negro Claude Debussy Theo Gray   JJR1.dsd
Magnetic Fields IV Jean-Michel Jarre   JJR1.dsd
Micro Concert J.S.Bach B.M.Landsberg   JJR1.dsd
The Lumberjack Song Monty Python   JJR1.dsd
Model Kraftwerk   JJR1.dsd
Monty Python Theme (Liberty Bell)   JJR1.dsd
Musical Snowmen   Melvin Wright   JJR1.dsd
Oxygene II Jean-Michel Jarre   JJR1.dsd
Soothing Music   Jon Ripley   JJR1.dsd
Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin   JJR1.dsd
Sweet Dreams Eurythmics   JJR1.dsd
Twelve Days of Christmas   JJR1.dsd
Ugly Bug Ball Kenneth D. Parker Steven Flintham   JJR1.dsd
Airwolf [TV Theme] Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Anything Goes Cole Porter Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Circle In The Sand Belinda Carlisle Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Crows   Shawty1.ssd
The Deer Hunter (Cavatina) Dvorak Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
The Entertainer Scott Joplin Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Equinoxe V Jean-Michel Jarre Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr   Shawty1.ssd
Girl Friend Pebbles   Shawty1.ssd
I Should Be So Lucky Kylie Minogue Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Locomotion Kylie Minogue Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Magic Roundabout Remix [TV Theme] Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Model Kraftwerk Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Music Machine   Shawty1.ssd
Pride U2 Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Respectable Mel & Kim Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Ride of the Valkyries Wagner Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
River Deep Mountain High Erasure Daniel Pugh   Shawty1.ssd
Tell It To My Heart Taylor Dayne Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Thriller Michael Jackson Peter Shaw   Shawty1.ssd
Fascination Jo Callas & Phil Oakey Peter Shaw   Shawy1-1.ssd
China In Your Hand T'Pau Kevan Cheyne   Shawty2.ssd
Cold Tea Andrew Robinson Peter Shaw   Shawty2.ssd
It's A Sin Pet Shop Boys The Noige   Shawty2.ssd
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring Bach   Shawty2.ssd
The Pink Panther Henry Mancini Micro Kid   Shawty2.ssd
Sweet Dreams Eurythmics   Shawty2.ssd
Tubular Bells Mike Oldfield The Noige   Shawty2.ssd
The Young Ones Cliff Richard Stephen Gilbert   Shawty2.ssd 51K 53K 189K   60K   38K  
JGHMusic1.ssd 117K   JGHMusic2.ssd 186K   JJR1.dsd 220K   Shawty1.ssd 175K   Shawty2.ssd 111K  
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