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There are quite a few known and well-documented bugs in the standard Spectrum ROM, and there are about 1100 spare bytes. This has given scope to programmers to modify the ROM to create alternative and extra features. Also see Spectrum ROMs for a comparison of various different ROMs' features. Philip Kendall maintains a comprehensive list of Spectrum ROMs.

Bugs fixed:
NMI (vectors via &5C80) - CHR$8 - CHR$9 - INKEY#0 - CLOSE# - SCREEN$ - scroll? - "x"+STR$y - -65536 - Divide bit34 - SKIP_CONS writing to ROM - DECtoFP inaccuracy - screen scrolling writing to ROM - colours select screen - INPUT uses stream 1.
Spaces removed from token table - Out of range colour/tab/at ignored - "Nonsense in BASIC" is now "Mistake" - Character token entry - Starts with CAPS set, white on black - "P" channel ZX Printer routines replaced with Centronics port on 251.
CALL address - Port 253/249 checked for ASCII keyboard input - CAT[#n] to catalogue tape - SAVE s$ CODE s,l,e,r,t - Hex input with &xxxx - Hex output with PRINT~ and STR$~, "C" raw centronics channel, machine code can be run from tape or microdrive, OPEN# more flexible, CHR$12 performs CLS.

Ian Collier
Bugs fixed:
CHR$8 - CHR$9 - Errors with INTs disabled - SCREEN$ - "x"+STR$y - -65536 - Divide bit34.
Spaces removed from token table - Character token entry - Starts with white on black, shorter keyclick - Different character set.
BBC-style Copy cursor - NMI restart/break/continue/jump/snapshot - Extended LIST - Hex input with &xxxx.

Andrew Owen
Bugs fixed:
CHR$8 - CHR$9 - "x"+STR$y - CLOSE# - Divide bit34 - -65536 - scroll? - SCREEN$ - Errors with INTs disabled.
International English keyboard layout - Character token entry - Spaces removed from token table - CAT enters monitor - PLOT/DRAW/CIRCLE use whole screen - MOVE to copy memory - FREE command.

Character token entry.
Simple floppy OS - NMI snapshot - LOAD/SAVE to disk - - Hex input with &xxxx - Hex output with PRINT%.

48k Standard 48k ROM
Speculator Standard 48K ROM modified to call Speculator tape load routine
Russia.zip Russian ROMs
Interface1 Interface 1 ROMs
MiniROM Minimal Spectrum ROM
Busy Busy
Docs Docs
Jupiter Jupiter
Juric Juric
Minimal Minimal
Misc Misc
Source Source
Suffolk Suffolk
Wearmouth Wearmouth

zx80.romZX80 ROM
zx81.romZX81 ROM
48k.rom48K ROM
128k.rom128K ROM
128k+2.rom128K+2 ROM
128k+3.rom128K+3 ROM

Amstrad owns the copyright on the Spectrum ROMs, but they have given permission for ROM images to be modified and distributed for use with emulators, as long as the startup message contains the original copyright message. See this message and Amstrad's website at www.amstrad.co.uk.

Note that the correction to the -65536 routine given in Logan & O'Hara is itself incorrect!

Add link to Computer Museum with Nine Tiles post-release ROM.

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