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Rasberry Pi as a multi-processor miniature coprocessor.

See StarDot discussion.

DIP CPU   Speed    Startup banner Recommended Client
0 65C102   4MHz   "Acorn TUBE 65C102 Co-Processor" Client65 v1.12  resources
1 65C102   8MHz   "Acorn TUBE 8MHz 65C102 Co-Pro"
2 65C102   16MHz   "Acorn TUBE 16MHz 65C102 Co-Pro"
3 65C102   32MHz   "Acorn TUBE 32MHz 65C102 Co-Pro"
4 Z80   8MHz   "Acorn TUBE Z80 64K 1.21"  ClientZ80 v1.21  resources
5 Z80   32MHz   "Acorn TUBE Z80 32MHz "
6 Z80   56MHz   "Acorn TUBE Z80 56MHz "
7 Z80  112MHz   "Acorn TUBE Z80 112MHz "
8 80286   16MHz   "Acorn TUBE 80286 768K"  Client86 v1.01 resources
9 6809   4MHz   "6809 TUBE 64K 1.00 "  Client09 v1.06  resources
10 68000   16MHz   
11 PDP-11   32MHz   "PDP11 TUBE 64K 0.25 "  Client11 v0.28 resources
12 ARM2   32MHz   
13 32016   32MHz   
14 SoftPi     
The CPU can be selected by using *FX 151,230,n, and comes into effect at the next Break. The high-speed CoPros overwrite the startup banner with the processor speed.

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