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Serial Tube is the Tube protocol implemented over a single I/O channel such as a single serial or parallel port or even a single Tube port. As with sending data and commands over the same channel the two have to be distinguished. Serial Tube does this by escaping commands from the data stream. BBC using serial HostFS
BBC using serial HostFS


  Protocol 7K  Serial Tube protocol documentation.


  TubeHost (L38K  v0.29  Serial Tube Host in BBC BASIC for RISC OS/Windows.
  TubeHost.exe 123K  v0.29  Serial Tube Host Windows binary.
  TubeHost.txt 3K  Serial Tube Host documentation.
  65Host.src 31K  6502 Serial Host source.
  BBCHost (L4K  BBC Serial Host. No data channel yet.
  ZXHost 4K v1.10 ZX Spectrum Serial Host. VDU channel only.
  TestClient1K  Serial Tube test client and test code
  PerlHost 44K  v0.09  Perl Serial Tube Host by Stephen Harris.
  PerlHost.txt 44K  Perl Serial Tube Host documentation by Stephen Harris.


6502:  HostFS.src (L)
 v0.21  6502 Client and HostFS filing system source.
  Serial65.src (L)
 v0.21  6502 Serial Client.
  Mini65.src (L)
Tiny 6502 single-port client.
Tiny 512-byte single-port client that only implements OSWRCH and OSRDCH. Suitable for very a basic text I/O kernal that can connect to any plain text terminal.
  HostFS.txt 3K  6502 HostFS filing system documentation.
  HostFS is the 6502 Serial Tube Client configured as a remote filing system client. The filing
system is selected with *HOSTFS. By default, TubeHost expects the client to be using 4800
baud, 8N1 (8bit 1stop 0parity), so use *FX7,6, *FX8,6 or *Configure Baud 6, *Configure
Data 5
at the BBC/Master end. The transmission is actually four times the configured speed,
so 19,200.
With *HOSTFS ON you can connect OSWRCH and OSRDCH and turns the BBC into a Tube client.
This is a bit experimental as as OSBYTE and OSWORD are not connected, reading information from
the VDU driver (eg POS, POINT, etc) are unimplemented.
  UPURSFS 44K  v0.07  UPURSFS Serial Tube filing system by Stephen Harris.
Z80:  SerZ80.src 24K  v0.10  Z80 Serial Client source.
  SerialZ80 2K  v0.10  Z80 Serial Client. (SerZ80.lst 45K assembly listing.)
  SmallZ80 1K  v0.10  Z80 Small Serial Client. (SmallZ80.lst 38K assembly listing.)
  ZXClient 31K  ZX Spectrum Serial client.
6809:  Serial09.src 39K  v1.05  6809 Serial Client source.
  Serial09.bin 2K  v1.05  6809 Serial Client, ROM copied to RAM. (Serial09.lst 75K assembly listing.)
(MemMap 6809 memory layout.)
  Ser09swtpc 2K  v1.00  6809 Serial Client, runs from ROM with SWTPC memory map. (Ser09sw.lst 75K assembly listing.)
6812:  Serial12.asm 47K  v1.05  6812 Serial Client source.
ARM:  SerARM.src 22K  ARM Client code source.
Support     Test code.

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