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Frank Cringle's Z80 instruction set exerciser attempts to execute every Z80 opcode, putting them through a cycle of tests and comparing the results to actual results from running the code on a real Z80. The exerciser is supplied with Frank's YAZE (Yet Another Z80 Emulator). It is often difficult to track down, so I have put it together here, as well as some conversions. The latest release of YAZE is available at Andreas Gerlich's website.
ZEXDOC only tests officially documented flag effects, whereas ZEXALL tests all flags changes, compared against test on real hardware. ZEXALL and ZEXDOC are released under the GNU General Public License.
Title Date Files Size Description
YAZE 1994 YAZE.zip 25K The original as supplied with YAZE.
Author: Frank Cringle.
CPM 03-Nov-2002 CPM.zip 32K ZEXALL and ZEXDOC source modified to assemble cleanly with ZMAC and MAXAM.
Modifications by: J.G.Harston. This archive includes CPMRUN which allows you to run the test programs on an Acorn Z80 CoPro without booting into CP/M.
Spectrum 03-Nov-2002 Spectrum.zip
Z80 Intruction Set Exerciser for the Spectrum. The output is slightly modified to take account of the Spectrum's 32-column screen display.
Modifications by: J.G.Harston and Stuart Brady.

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