[img] Z80 BBC BASIC for the Amstrad CPC
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Richard Russell developed BBC BASIC for the Z80, including for the Amstrad CPC. Richard has made BBC BASIC (Z80) for the Amstrad CPC freely available as long as all the relevant files are kept together and attributation to Richard is given. BBC BASIC (Z80) is as near as possible to BBC BASIC (65) version 4 as resident in the BBC Master.

Platform Download Size Details
Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 Amstrad.zip 51K Amstrad CPC running CP/M. Has full access to the sound and graphics system of the host computer via commands such as SOUND, MODE and DRAW. See also Richard Russell's site.
Vanilla CP/M CPM.zip 48K The Amstrad CPC will also run the vanilla CP/M version of BBC BASIC (Z80) when booted into CP/M. As most CP/M systems do not have a common graphics or sound interface this version is limited to text only.

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