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BBC/MIDI  BBC MIDI interfaces and resources
 jgh.gif  71K JGH MIDI interface circuit diagram.
 jghwd1.gif  51K JGH MIDI interface wiring diagram.
 eti.gif  101K April 1987 ETI MIDI interface circuit diagram.
 epe.gif  71K March 1985 EPE MIDI interface circuit diagram (incomplete).
 emr.gif  79K Electromusic Research MIDI interface circuit diagram.
 m2000.gif  50K Colin Fraser's M2000-compatible MIDI interface.
 MIDI.zip  10K BBC *MIDI command, redirects SOUND commands to MIDI port.
 MIDI.txt  7K BBC *MIDI documentation.
 Redirect    *MIDI sources.
 6850Ports    6850 ACIA ports.
 CasioHT700   Casio HT-700 MIDI Messages
 m2000   Notes on the Music 2000 MIDI interface
 Other resources
 EMR Electromusic Research software
 Tracker Some simple MIDI trackers
 Player Incomplete BBC MIDI player
 Greg M8000 MIDI switcher
 MIDILINK Transfer files via MIDI port
 linknotes Usage notes for MIDILINK

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