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6502Em 3.02 04-Jun-1999 No download   Emulates the whole BBC range from model A to Master Compact on Acorn RISC OS. Comes with a copy of 65Host that the ROMs can be used from. Runs fairly slowly unless used on a fast machine.
Author: Michael and Anne Borcherds for {Warm Silence Software - broken}.
[6502Em] 0.20 20-Aug-2004 Patch.zip 5K Patch for 6502Em version 3.02 that fixes a few bugs in it. Fixes reading of the CSD, reading command line address, OSWORD &7F, and dragging ROM images to the icon bar allowed.
Author: J.G.Harston.
Virtual DFS 0.05 20-Aug-2004 VDFS05.ROM
Alternative Virtual DFS ROMs for 6502Em. Version 0.02 was written by Sprow in 1997 and originally released to 8-Bit Software members and has better *HELP information.
Version 0.04 builds on Sprow's improvements. It allows you to chose if VDFS claims the DFS and ADFS filing systems, and allows VDFS to be selected on its own as a seperate filing system. It has a better *CAT and implements *INFO and *EX. Source code also available.
Version 0.05 is updated to fix some bugs revealed with BeebEm, and some optimisations and improvements.
Author: J.G.Harston.
65Host 1.20 18-May-1992     Emulates a model B BBC computer on Acorn RISC OS.
Author: Acorn Computers.
BeebEm for Windows 4.14jgh 18-Jan-2017 BeebEm414jgh20170401.zip 440K Added emulator trap opcodes, allows use of VDFS to access host's filing system. Fixed bugs in IDE support, Torch ROM selection, Z80 IN/OUT and block instructions.
[BeebEm] for Windows 4.14 12-Feb-2012 [BeebEm414.exe]

Multiple-platform BBC emulator. Versions available for UNIX with X and gcc, Win32, optionally with DirectX, and DOS. Implements sideways RAM, snapshots, joystick (using PC joystick or mouse), printing, AMX mouse supprot, writing to disk images , window resizing.
Authors: David Gilbert (Emulation and UNIX/X), Nigel Magnay (Windows port), Marcus Goodman (DOS port), Mike Wyatt (work on UNIX and Windows versions), Jonathan Belson (BeOS port), Robert Schmidt and Richard Gellman (work on Windows version and Master128 support).
[BeebEm] for Mac 3.3a 09-Feb-2008 [BeebEm33a] 5.2M
[BeebEm] for Unix 3.50 12-Nov-2006 [BeebEm06-1] 1.2M
[BeebEm] for PlayStation 1.10 (forked 2.30) 29-Dec-2007    
[BeebEm] for PocketPC 1.00 17-Aug-2010    
[BeebEm] for Pandora 0.60 12-May-2012    
[BeebEm] GitHub repository 3.50       The GitHub repository is a semi-official attempt to merge all the disperate branches back together.
Model B 0.3 28-Jun-1996 ModelB03.zip 300K Emulates a BBC model B on Win/DOS. References to Model-B point to a website at www.students.ncl.ac.uk/t.w.seddon, but this link is broken. This suggests he's no longer a student at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Uni, so I've put a copy of ModelB03.zip on this site.
Author: Tom Seddon.
[pcBBC] 1.02 18-Apr-1998 [pcBBC-1.02demo.zip] 76K Many people regard this as the best BBC emulator available. Demo version runs for ten minutes, then exits. Full version available for ukp10. Runs on DOS, Win95/NT, OS/2. Has native support for DSD disk images and emulates 8271 and 1770 FDC hardware.
Author: Stuart McConnachie.
[BeebIt] for RISC OS 0.65 20-Sep-2015 [BeebIt.zip] 100K Freeware BBC Emulator for RISC OS 3.00 or later. Now 32bit neutral!
Author: Michael Foot.

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