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I describe myself as one of those vague computery occupations that careers officers don't know what to call. I suppose "Software Engineer/Developer/Analyst/Programmer/Administrator" is probably the nearest, but I am also skilled in mapping and map-making and like wandering up and down hills.

My experience goes back over more than forty years and includes Z80, 6502, 6809, ARM, PDP11 code and others, BBC BASIC, C, PHP, FORTH and others and Windows, RISC OS, Unix, CPM and BBC systems, serial and other low-level drivers, and network and internet administration. In 2010 I retired from 11 years as a member of Sheffield City Council. I later moved to Whitby - my family home town. In 2016 I became a member of Whitby Town Council for Town North ward. contains software and documentation covering such subjects as Acorn BBCs, Econet and networking, SJ Research Fileservers, Z80, 6502, 6809, PDP11 and ARM code, C programming, co-processors and Tube systems, Harston Advanced Disk Filing System, BBC Public Domain, CP/M, Jet Set Willy.

I studied Computing Science at Stirling University with minors in Education, Environmental Science, and Japanese. I got my Electrical Installation diploma at Sheffield College's Loxley Centre (which used to be Stannington College). I recently gained my amateur radio licence.

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