Robert and Harriet Harker   Family Trees

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Whitby branch:
Chambers.txt 161K Chambers.rtf 244K Booth, Chambers, Edwards, Fish, Giddins, Harker, Hutchinson, Marlow, McKenzie, Mercer, Robinson, Tose, Tyson, Walker. Last update: 20-Mar-2008.
Freeman.txt 107K Freeman.rtf 142K Booth, Busfield, Chambers, Collingwood, Edwards, Freeman, Harker, Kipling, Marsay, Philpot, Tyreman Walker, Watson. Last update: 28-Dec-2006.
Kipling.txt 107K Kipling.rtf 150K Burnley, Kipling, Leadley, Mitchell, Philpot, Tyreman. Last update: 22-Nov-2006
Marsay.txt 80K Marsay.rtf 113K Cockerill, Gale, Garminsway, Hubbard, Hutchinson, Marsay. Last update: 20-Mar-2008.
   Sleightholme.rtf 10K Kipling, Sleightholme. Last update: 28-Aug-2012.
Sheffield branch:
Cooper.txt 54K Cooper.rtf 101K Cooper, Harris, Harston, Richardson, Styles. Last update: 20-Mar-2008.
Harston.txt 80K Harston.rtf 115K Brown, Cooper, Doughty, Guy, Harston, Healey, Moxon, Richardson, Stapleton, Towel, Woodcock. Last update: 20-Mar-2008.
Wong.txt 36K Wong.rtf 43K Wong.

Index.txt 57K     Full name index. This lists every person on my family trees, and which trees they appear on, currently more than 1100 people.
Last update: 11-Nov-2006.
Decent       Ancestral Descent
People       Individual Person Descriptions
Census       Whitby census transcripts

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