Jonathan at High Stones
    Jonathan Harston

I describe myself as one of those vague computery occupations that careers officers don't know what to call. I suppose "Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer/Administrator" is probably the nearest.

My experience goes back over almost thirty years and covers C, PHP, Pascal, Modula 2, Cobol, Visual-Basic, FORTH, Basic and BBC BASIC; ARM, 80x86, PDP-11, 32016, 6809, 6502 and Z80 machine code and assembler, and of UNIX, VMS, MSDOS, Windows, CP/M and BBC operating systems, as well as expertise in low-level device drivers and serial and networking programming with MIDI, RS232, ACIAs, ADLCs and UARTs and specialist knowledge of Econet and co-processor systems.

I am a skilled and flexible programmer, documentation writer, and mapmaker, who takes a pride in achieving accuracy and clearness and encouraging that in others. I have extensive IT, Internet and website administration skills, as well as an aptitude to pick up and develop the new skills required for particular tasks. Some years ago I went from knowing absolutely no PHP to writing useful functional PHP code in less than a week.

I am skilled in technical and cartographic drawing, including maps, plans and electronic schematics and circuit board layouts, and technical writing and HTML authoring. I can translate object code back into recompilable source code and recreate schematics from hardware.

I am an avid Acorn user by preference and have a network of several BBC series computers at home with an SJ MDFS fileserver on which I do most of my work. I have written a lot of BBC and RISC OS applications as well as a small amount of DOS/Windows software. I have written and had published various publications on various subjects, mainly Acorn computing, but also geographical and historical subjects. I like messing about with maps and wandering up and down hills.

From 1999 to 2010 I was an elected member of Sheffield City Council, essentially a full-time 50-odd-hour-a-week job for very little pay. Prior to that I have worked in various computing and IT jobs. I am also a qualified electrician to IEE 16th Edition and have general building maintanence skills.

I went to Malin Bridge Junior School and then to Myers Grove Secondary School, both in Sheffield, UK. I attended Myers Grove for seven years, where I was a school librarian in lower school, and I administered the school computer system for three years. I was a member of the governing board for nine years, chairing the Site & Premises Committee. I was briefly in the school choir when I was an umpah lumpah in a BBC Radio 4 production of Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

I studied Computing Science at Stirling University with minors in Japanese, Environmental Science and Education. I got my Electrical Installation diploma at Sheffield College's Loxley Centre (which used to be Stannington College). I live in Walkley, Sheffield where, apparently, John Shuttleworth lives.