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Recent Changes
03-Mar-2009 Updated Camm Street, Hong Kong and South Road plans. ARM CoPro module handler sets USR32, calls FSControl on entry to code. Hastily updated election cycle documents as Sheffield Council about to consult on election arrangements. Added 2007 details to councillors' pay lists. Uploaded Myers Grove econet frontpage. Added response to consultation on Whitby Harbour pier repairs.
03-Mar-2009 Uploaded new pictures of front and side of South Road. Updated family tree index.
10-Nov-2008 Updated CV. Added Whitby planning appeal documents and floor plans. Uploaded list of articles published in Acorn User and Micro User.
17-Sep-2008 Uploaded maps of South Road improvement plan. Updated ISBN numbers to full ISBN-13 list. Added 1972 and 2008 South Road survey.
12-Jul-2008 Updated South Road plans. Updated election cycle documents.
01-Jan-2008 Updated South Road plans and stock list
07-Aug-2007 Added documents about election cycle, updated councillor's pay documents and updated draft council motion to reform the pay system.
25-Jul-2006 Updated family tree documents and uploaded updated maps of Claywheels Lane and inner ring road proposals.
28-aug-2005 Uploaded pictures of some electronic projects I put together as a child. Uploaded some more University and school assignments.
28-aug-2005 Uploaded some more university computing science assignments.
31-Mar-2005 Uploaded documents covering the Parliamentary Boundary Review Local Enquiry for Sheffield. Added March 2005 list of South Road shops.
15-Feb-2004 Added information on Robert Harker's grave at Mont-Bernanchon Cemetary. Uploaded details of proposed constituency boundary changes for Sheffield.
14-Feb-2004 Updated personal information. Started recovering and uploading Spectrum microdrive cartridge contents.
28-Sep-2003 Started sorting and uploading photos. Updated South Road shops information.
30-Aug-2003 My comments on the Boundary Committee's recommendations for Sheffield's new ward boundaries.
28-Aug-2002 Full Sheffield Boundary Review recommendations now uploaded. Some extra Council files uploaded including pay and salaries documents. Some old Channel 5 documents. Started uploading some JGH Publishing documents. Records of South Road retail history uploaded. Draft constant execution time multiplication and division routines uploaded.
10-Jul-2002 Started uploading my final Sheffield Boundary Review recommendations.
25-May-2002 Added more links to people I know. Draft outlines of a 28-ward model for Sheffield local boundary review.
23-Feb-2002 Documents discussing Elected Members pay review. Sheffield local electoral boundary review has kicked off, with an initial discussion on the proposed size of the elected council.
04-Jan-2002 AFE network diagram uploaded. Planning applications documents tidied up. More family tree name summeries uploaded. Fleshed out Myers Grove School information. Some more ward review documents uploaded.
10-Nov-2001 More family tree files uploaded and updated. Brief introduction to Myers Grove School sketched out. About, Changes and Links pages prepared for JGH-specific information.
07-Aug-2001 Property rental information moved to HWPS/Docs/Renting. User-specific changes information taken out of /Docs/Web/Changes/ and put into users' own changes documents.
16-Jul-2001 Google search box added to JGH index page. Uploaded some university computing science assignments.
18-Mar-2001 More Beard files. Started to upload WardReview documents. Stock list picture filenames corrected.
13-Mar-2001 Personal home page more logically structured. Site-wide files moved out of JGH and into site-wide location. Personal page re-edited, putting in clearer backgound information. More consistancy in embedded links. Files are referenced as path/leafname and directories as path/leafname/.

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