Whitby 1861 Census transcripts
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Whitby1861.csv 1.5M  CSV file of full Whitby 1861 census for:
Whitby districts 1-13, Ruswarp districts 11-17, Aislaby district 18, Hawsker districts 19-20.
Whitby1861.txt 1.3M  Transcript of Whitby 1861 census.
  • Addresses have been canonicalised and spelling and punctuation corrected.
  • Mistakes have been corrected, missing addresses added, and all entries regularised.
  • Not yet cross-referenced with Whitby Street Directories and other census returns.
  • Still some spelling mistakes.
  • Many building numbers currently missing.
  • No household numbers yet.
  • No text transcripts yet.
  • Some of the Civil Parish fields may not be correct in the overlap between Whitby and Ruswarp.

     Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 30-May-2019