[img] Whitby 1939 Residents Survey
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Whitby1939.csv 1.6M  CSV file, about 88% of Whitby 1939 residents survey.
Whitby1939.rtf 551K  Transcript of initial sample of Whitby 1939 residents survey in electoral register format.
Whitby1939.txt 1.1M  Text transcript of Whitby 1939 residents survey.
  There was no census taken in 1941. However, at the outbreak of war in 1939 a residents survey was taken, with very similar information to a census.
Currently covers:
  • Whitby East (Henrietta Street to Green Lane)
  • Helredale (Spital Bridge to Eskdale School)
  • Whitby Town (Crescent Avenue to New Quay Road)
  • Whitby West Cliff (Upgang Lane to West Cliff)

This is taking some time as there are quite a few errors and bad handwriting that need to be clarified by cross-referencing with other records.

1911 Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 23-May-2019