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40x4 EA-Y40040AT

EPSON EA-Y40040AT (PN-A0019) 40x4

I bought this from a surplus electronics supplier in 1991 - I think it was Greenweld. I believe it uses two Hitachi HD44780 clones, EPSON's SED1300. This is the information that came with it:
page01.txt  3K Product outline (page01.gif 88K scanned page)
page07.gif  66K Device block diagram
page09.gif  116K Electrical characteristics
page15.gif  47K Example interfacing diagrams
page17.txt  2K Pin connections, power and data (page17.gif 58K scanned page)
page18.txt  3K Pin connections, chip select and pinout (page18.gif 63K scanned page )
page19.gif  58K Pin connections, contrast adjustment
page21.txt  1K Command instruction set (page21.gif 75K scanned page)
BBC/LCD    Interfacing to the BBC


40x4 LCD Character Modules

I have found the following datasheets relevant to 40x4 LCDs:
dci404a.pdf  43K Two-page overview from DCI.
ks0070b.pdf  567K Fairly detailed information.
dci404a.gif  204K I have a paper copy of one page of this, but cannot find the original file. If you find a copy, I'd welcome being sent a link to it.
hd44780.txt  1K Standard Hitatchi LCD control and interfacing.

pic1.jpg 64K
40x8 TLC-292A

TOSHIBA TLC-292A (ZQ8029-203) 40x8

I bought this Display Electronics in 2006. It didn't come with any documentation at all.


40x8 LCD Character Modules

I have found the following datasheets relevant to 40x8 LCDs:
nanya.txt  1K Nan Ya Plastics module pinout
tlx711a.txt  1K Toshiba TLX-711A.




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