[img] BASIC utilities
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  Archive (Utils2.zip) and DFS disk image (Utils2.ssd) of BASIC utilties and documentation.
BasUtils   Documentation for BASIC utilities.
Checksum *xs 1.10
*xsum 1.10
Create checksums of BASIC checksum, originally in Micro User.
Crunching *Crunch 1.03
*Link 1.03
Crunch and link BASIC programs.
Listing *PrList 1.14 List BASIC program files, originally in Micro User.
MCoding *MCode 1.32 Convert BASIC program into *RUN-able program.
Variables *VList 1.12 List BASIC variables, originally in Micro User.

Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 20-Jan-2014