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JSW48 uses 6-bit room numbers, giving rooms 0 to 63, with room 0 in memory at &C000. However, the only place where this is fixed is the code that fetches a room into the room buffer and the object location table. The current room variable and the room exits in the room data are all 8-bit values.

This patches the code to allow 7-bit room numbers to increase the number of rooms that can be used. Rooms.hex is an Intel Hex patchfile that can be applied to the original JSW48 game engine.

The room fetching code uses OR &C0 to map a room number from 0 to 63 to an address from &C0xx to &FFxx. This could be changed to ADD &C0 to use the whole 8-bit value, mapping rooms 192 to 255 to the spare memory within the code. I chose to change it to XOR &C0, as this maps the spare memory to rooms 64 to 127, running on from the existing 0 to 63. Also, a 7-bit room number is easier to fit into an extended object table.

Patching with POKE 35093,238 gives the following change:

Original code:                    Changed to:
8912  3A 20 84  LD   A,(&8420)    8912  3A 20 84  LD   A,(&8420)
8915  F6 C0     OR   &C0          8915  EE C0     XOR  &C0

This gives 8-bit room numbers, mapped to the following areas of memory:

Room numbers Memory
0 - 63 &C000 - &FFFF
64 - 127 &8000 - &BFFF
128 - 192 &4000 - &7FFF
192 - 255 &0000 - &3FFF
Rooms 192 to 255 are obviously unusable as they map to memory occupied by ROM. Rooms 128 to 192 map to memory used by the screen and screen buffers. Unused space in the code between &8000 and &BFFF becomes available as follows:

Address Room Previous use
&9700 87 Unused reset code
&9B00 91 Sprites and attributes for password entry
Password codes
To be able to use room 91 and room 94, the password code from &869F to &87C9 needs to be bypassed. This makes this space available for patches, etc. Along with rooms 47, 61, 62 and 63, which are unused in the original JSW, this gives an additional 12 rooms that the game engine can use, making a total of 72.

Extending the object table

As the object table uses 6-bit room numbers, rooms 0+x appear to have the same objects in them as rooms 64+x. The code that deals with the object table needs to be modified to allow 7-bit room numbers.

This change allows room editors to use exactly the same object table as before. The 6-bit object table holds the room number in the bottom six bits, and bit 8 of the object position in bit 7. Bit 6 is overwritten by the game engine to hold the "object collected" flag. This modification moves that flag to bit 6 of the bytes in page &A6, so allowing the room number to be held in bit 0 to bit 6 of &A4xx.

The first half of page &A6xx holds the toilet sprites. If there are more than 128 objects, the toilet sprites at &A600 to &A67F need to be moved.

Patching with:

POKE 32769,166        POKE 37842,166
POKE 37847,203        POKE 37848,118        POKE 37849,40
POKE 37850,119        POKE 37851,37         POKE 37852,37
POKE 37853,205        POKE 37854,244        POKE 37855,150
POKE 37867,36
POKE 37950,122        POKE 37951,0
POKE 38644,78         POKE 38645,203        POKE 38646,185
POKE 38647,58         POKE 38648,32         POKE 38649,132
POKE 38650,185        POKE 38651,200        POKE 38652,36
POKE 38653,36         POKE 38654,201
gives the following change:
Original code:                    Changed to:
8800 26 A4        LD   H,&A4       8800 26 A6        LD   H,&A6

93D1 26 A4        LD   H,&A4       93D1 26 A6        LD   H,&A6

93D7 4E           LD   C,(HL)      93D7 CB 76        BIT  6,(HL)
93D8 CB B9        RES  7,C         93D9 28 77        JR   Z,&9452
93DA 3A 20 84     LD   A,(&8420)   93DB 25           DEC  H
93DD F6 40        OR   &40         93DC 25           DEC  H
93DF B9           CP   C           93DD CD F4 96     CALL &96F4

93EB 25           DEC  H           93EB 24           INC H

943E 7E           LD   A,(HL)      943E 7A           LD   A,D
943F 07           RLCA             943F 00           NOP

96F4 Spare code space              96F4 4E           LD   C,(HL)
                                   96F5 CB B9        RES  7,C
                                   96F7 3A 20 84     LD   A,(&8420)
                                   96FA B9           CP   C
                                   96FB C8           RET  Z
                                   96FC 24           INC  H
                                   96FD 24           INC  H
                                   96FE C9           RET

The JSW48 object table remains in memory from &A3FF to &A5FF:
  • &A3FF holds 255-number of objects to collect.
  • &A4xx holds the room number in bits 0-6 and bit 8 of the object position (x+32*y) in bit 7.
  • &A5xx holds bits 0-7 of the object position.
  • &A6xx now holds the object collected flags in bit 6 instead of in the object table.

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