Whitby 1891 Census transcripts
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Whitby1891.csv 1.9M  CSV file of full 1891 Whitby census. Addresses have been canonicalised and sex and relation entries fully regularised.
  • All entries have been proof-read and corrected
  • Cross-referenced with 1891 and 1901 Whitby Street Directories and 1901 and 1911 census returns.
  • Addresses have been canonicalised and spelling and punctuation corrected.
  • Mistakes have been corrected, missing addresses added, and all entries regularised.
  • A few birth places not properly canonicalised.

Census text transcripts
01Whitby47K  108-125 Church Street, Church Lane, Tate Hill, Henrietta Street
02Whitby43K  91-104 Church Street, 135-147 Church Street, Brewster Lane, Market Place,
03Whitby60K  74-89 Church Street, 150-163 Church Street, Bridge Street, Grape Lane, Sandgate
04Whitby47K  54-74 Church Street, 164-178 Church Street
05Whitby52K  179-186 Church Street, 38-49 Church Street
06Whitby44K  7-37 Church Street
07Whitby41K  Bridge End, 1-27 Baxtergate, 57-78 Baxtergate, Brunswick Street
08Whitby45K  28-55 Baxtergate, Wellington Road, 24-30 Flowergate
09Whitby60K  1-15 Flowergate, Golden Lion Bank, 31-50 Flowergate, The Mount, 10-43 Cliff Street
09Ruswarp9K  1-8 Cliff Street, Paddock
10Whitby41K  51-52 Flowergate, Old Market Place, St. Ann's Staith, Haggersgate, Marine Parade
10Ruswarp10K  1-9 Silver Street, 27-29 Silver Street, Hunter Street
11Whitby31K  West Pier, 50-89 Cragg
12Ruswarp81K  Mulgrave Place, John Street, Normanby Terrace, Havelock Place, Abbey Terrace, Esplanade, Crescent Terrace, Royal Crescent, Crescent Avenue, Langdales Terrace, Church Square, East Terrace, North Terrace, West Terrace, South Terrace, Crescent Place, Albert Place, Belle Vue Terrace, Wellington Terrace, 11-17 Silver Street, 19-24 Silver Street, Clarkson Street
13Ruswarp72K  Union Place, Upgang Lane, High Stakesby, Stakesby Vale, St. Hilda's Terrace, Poplar Row, 21-24 Flowergate, Skinner Street, Clarence Place, Well Close Square
14Ruswarp67K  The Carrs, Ruswarp Main Street, Mayfield Place, Prospect Hill, Hanover Terrace, Arundel Place, Broomfield Terrace, 1-11 Bagdale, 12-26 Bagdale, Newton Street
15Ruswarp76K  Albion Terrace, Albion Place, Windsor Terrace, Esk Place, Victoria Square, Spring Hill, Princess Place, Spring Hill Terrace, Gray Street, George Street, Falcon Terrace, North Road, Elgin Street, Grove Street, Scoresby Terrace, Raglan Terrace
16Ruswarp53K  Esk Terrace, Cleveland Terrace, Park Terrace, York Terrace, Fishburn Road, Oswy Street, Hope Place, Hope Terrace, Park Place, Osborne Terrace, Boghole
17Workhouse11K  Whitby Union Workhouse
20Hawsker28K  Hawsker, East Cliff, Saltwick, Whitby Laithes
21Hawsker46K  1-4 Church Street, Green Lane, Spital Bridge, Stainsacre Lane, Stainsacre, Larpool
21Whitby3K  California, Gallows Close
Some data processing results
AgeProfile6K  Age profile of Whitby population

1881 Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 30-Oct-2015