Whitby 1891 Census transcripts
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Whitby1891.csv 1.9M  CSV file of full 1891 Whitby census. Addresses have been canonicalised and sex and relation entries fully regularised.
Whitby1891.rtf 674K  Transcript of Whitby 1891 census in electoral register format.
Whitby1891.txt 1.5M  Text transcript of Whitby 1891 census.
  • All entries have been proof-read and corrected
  • Cross-referenced with 1891 and 1901 Whitby Street Directories and 1901 and 1911 census returns.
  • Addresses have been canonicalised and spelling and punctuation corrected.
  • Mistakes have been corrected, missing addresses added, and all entries regularised.
  • A few birth places not properly canonicalised.

Some data processing results
AgeProfile6K  Age profile of Whitby population
Source transcripts
01Whitby 02Whitby 03Whitby 04Whitby 05Whitby 06Whitby 07Whitby 08Whitby 09Whitby 09Ruswarp
10Whitby 10Ruswarp 11Whitby 12Ruswarp 13Ruswarp 14Ruswarp 15Ruswarp 16Ruswarp 17Workhouse 18Newholm
19Newholm 20Hawsker 21Hawsker 21Whitby 22Fylingdales 23Fylingdales 24Fylingdales

1881 Authored by J.G.Harston
Last update: 25-May-2019