6502 6502 Programming tips and code fragments
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BitManip Copying, clearing, setting and rotating bits
SwapVals Swapping data without temporary variable
FlagManip Setting and clearing flags
Calculating day of week
Day of Week BASIC source and test code
BCD  Converting 8-bit Binary Coded Decimal
PrNumber Printing 8-bit numbers in hex and decimal
Printing 16/24/32-bit numbers in decimal
Decimal printout BASIC source and test code
ScanNumber  Scanning 8-bit numbers
ScanDecNum  Scanning 16/24/32-bit decimal numbers
Decrement  16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit decrement
Denormal Denormalising floating point numbers
SqRoot  Calculate integer Square Root
StackMem  Subroutines to stack memory
StackWS  Demo of using stack for workspace
60to100  Multiply by 1.66 to convert 1/60ths to 1/100ths
6502Divide  Routines to divide by various constants
CRC-8 Calculating 8-bit CRCs
CRC16  Calculating 16-bit CRCs for XMODEM and Acorn CFS/RFS
CRC32  Calculating 32-bit CRCs for ZIP files
Testing  RAM tester
Calling BBC code
CatchingErrors  Catching errors
Programs and tools
DisAssem  BBC BASIC 6502 disassembler
BBCBasic  BBC BASIC for the 6502

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