[img] Bugfixes and patches to JSW48
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These patch files can be applied with HexPatch.

AtticAttic.hex Remove the faulty arrow in the Attic
GameExit Exit.hex Exit Jet Set Willy with SS-Space without clearing memory.
NoPassNoPass.hexRemove the password code, releasing memory.
Pause Pause.hex Interface 1 Pause bugfix.
RoomNumberRoomNum.hex Display room number.
Rooms Rooms.hex Allows 7-bit room numbers
Teleport Teleport.hexA different teleport system
Wall WallL.hex Allow Willy's head to move leftwards through walls
Wall WallR.hex Prevent Willy's head moving rightwards through walls
WillyWillySP.hex Allow room-specific Willy sprite
Blocks Blocks.hex Fix the block graphics bug.

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