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Title Version Date Files Size Description
[MyZ80] 1.11 27-Apr-1993 MyZ80111.zip 91K High performance Z80 computer emulator for WinDOS PCs. Claims to be the fastest and most accurate Z80 emulator available. Comes with CP/M BIOSes for CP/M 2.2 and CP/M 3.0. Implements disk access using disk images.
Author: Simeon Cran.
  5.2 1989 Z80mu52b.zip 86K Z80mu for Win/DOS. Implements disk access by passing access to the underlying file system.
Author: Joan Riff.
YAZE 2.01 10-Dec-2003 yaze201.zip 1555K YAZE a Z80 emulator, written in ANSI C. It emulates undocumented opcodes, and passes instruction regression tests against real Z80 hardware. Version 2 implements an emulated Memory Management Unit (MMU) with 4K pages accessing 1M of memory. Implements disk access by accessing disk images and by accessing the host filing system's files. Precompiled binaries are available at http://www.mathematik.uni-ulm.de/users/ag/yaze-ag/.
Author: Andreas Gerlich (version 2), Frank Cringle (version 1).
Z80Tube 1.11 11-Feb-2003 Z80Tube.zip 173K Emulates a Z80 coprocessor attached to an Acorn RISC OS computer in the same way that 65Tube emulates a 6502 coprocessor. Is bootable into CP/M and comes with a disk image of BBC BASIC(Z80) for the Acorn Z80 CoProcessor as well as BBC BASIC(Z80) preconverted with Z80Basic Converter. Can access CP/M disks and disk images. Version 1.10 is checked as 32-bit compatible.
Author: J.G.Harston
cZ80Tube 0.26 05-Dec-2003 cZ80Tube.zip 88K Portable C version of Z80Tube. Source may be freely distributed and used in other code. See LICENSE for details.
Author: J.G.Harston
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