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BBC/Master Filing Systems

FixDNFS 1.30
Patch for DNFS 3.00 (DFS 1.20/NFS 3.60). Creates DFS 1.21 to fix timeout errors when using 3.5" disks, and allows network parameters such as default fileserver and printserver to be customised. DNFS301 is a ROM image of DFS 1.21 and NFS 3.60 with the printer server and file server both set to 0.254.
UPDATE: Optimises UTILS commands to drop PAGE to &1800 and fixes *EX bug. DNFS302 is a ROM image of DFS 1.22 and NFS 3.62 with the printer server and file server both set to 0.254.
Author: J.G.Harston.
FixADFS 1.00 09-Sep-2002 2K Patch for ADFS 1.50 to create ADFS 1.51 to prevent it forgetting the directory context on Control-Break.
Author: J.G.Harston.
IDEPatch 1.17 23-Feb-2005 25K Patch for ADFS 1.50 to create ADFS 1.53 to access IDE hard drives. Also includes the patch to preserve directory context on Control-Break.
Author: J.G.Harston.
5.68 22-Mar-2012
HADFS is a full hierarchial filing system similar to the NFS and ADFS systems. It runs on any 6502-based BBC computer, with any disk hardware. Version 5.30 and later has integrated IDE drivers. Version 5.60 and later can access up to 4G per drive.
Author: J.G.Harston.
DOSFS 1.14 1990 17K Free DOS filing system for BBC Master or BBC B/B+ with 1770 disk interface. It has some limitations: no *CDir, no *Rename, no directory scanning (OSGBPB 8) and can't reference root with "$".
Author: Dimitry Petrov, some bugfixes by J.G.Harston.
[DOSFS ] 1.11 25-Sep-2001 No download   Paid-for DOS filing system for BBC Master or BBC B/B+ with 1770 disk interface. Understands Windows95 filing system and has full set of filing system commands.
Author: Robert Sprowson
HostFS 0.16 09-Mar-2013     HostFS is the 6502 Serial Tube Client configured as a remote filing system client. It uses the Tube protocol over a serial port to access a remote server.
Author: J.G.Harston
RAMFS   30-Mar-2016
  RAMFS tools and resources.
[65Link] 1.40 10-Mar-2004 13K Provides a filing system called LFS to access files on a RISC OS machine connected via the BBC's user port and the RISC OS computer's parallel port.
Author: John Kortink
UserFS   04-Jul-2000 96K Provides a filing system called USERFS to access files on a PC connected via the BBC's user port and the PC's parallel port.
Author: A.J.Wijma
XFer 3.00
Not a filing system, but an application to allow files to be transfered between a PC and BBC/Master via the serial port. Listed here along with 65Link and UserFS as another method of tranfering data between BBCs and other computers. J.G.Harston has been tweeking the host to run in RISC OS.
Author: Mark de Weger, Angus Duggan
[LongFS] 0.50 21-Nov-1999 3K LongFS. Provides 10-character filenames on DFS.
Author: Robert Sprow.
        Tools for repairing filing system structures.

BBC/Master Filing Systems for use with emulators

[BeebItFS] 0.33 24-May-2005 43K A filing system that allows the BeebIt BBC emulator to access files on RISC OS filing systems.
Author: James Lampard
Virtual DFS 0.05 01-Oct-2016 VDFS05.ROM
Alternative Virtual DFS ROMs for 6502Em. Version 0.02 was written by Sprow in 1997 and originally released to 8-Bit Software members and has better *HELP information.
Version 0.04 builds on Sprow's improvements. It allows you to chose if VDFS claims the DFS and ADFS filing systems, and allows VDFS to be selected on its own as a seperate filing system. It has a better *CAT and implements *INFO and *EX. Source code also available.
Version 0.05 is updated to fix some bugs revealed with BeebEm, and some optimisations and improvements.
Author: J.G.Harston.

RISC OS Filing Systems

[CPMFS] 0.16
CP/M image filing system for RISC OS, similar to DOSFS, allows access to various formats of CP/M disks and disk images, including Amstrad/Spectrum PCW, CPC, RomDOS, ParaDOS and Acorn CPM. These downloads include German resources files and repaired Sprites files by J.G.Harston.
Author: Matthew Phillips.
ArcDFS 1.03 16-Apr-1990 40K DFS filing system for RISC OS.
Author: Richard A.Averill.
[ImageDFS] 0.71r/o 27-Oct-1996 No download   Read-only DFS filing system allowing Acorn, Watford and Solidisk disks and disk images to be read from the desktop. Integrates with !6502em BBC emulator and is accessible as the DFS filing system from the emulator.
Author: Stephen Harrison.
[Win95FS] 1.07 19-Oct-1999 No download
A partial replacement for DOSFS for RISCOS that provides access to Windows95 long filenames, access to FAT32 filesystems and ensures sensible filetyping where DOSFS would otherwise get confused. is a set of replacement sprites with rescaled rectangular pixel mode icons by JGH.
Author: Paul Gardiner.
[LinkFS] 2.04 26-Jan-2003 22K Provides facilities for symbolic links under RISC-OS 3. It provides an image filing system so that when a link is used, the image filing system redirects the calls made to the appropriate 'real' filing system. This archive has a !Sprites file, missing from the original.
Author: Tom Hughes.
[FileCoreFS] 1.10 28-Feb-1997 57K FCFS allows you to create, read and restore images of FileCore discs.
Author: S.Monesi & N.Craig-Wood
ChipFS 0.01 26-Mar-1991 3K A filing system frontend that presents RISC OS modules as files within the ChipFS filing system.
Z88 1.00 21-Jul-1989      
MultiFS 1.41a 24-May-1991      
raFS 1.15 14-Nov-1998      
ModuleFS 1.00 18-Aug-1992      

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