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The IDE interface only uses two ICs and can be built on stripboard, like the prototype, or on a PCB. To connect to any other devices a 1MHz connector with multiple plugs is needed. Anybody is welcome to use this design in their own work, with acknowledgement.

Robert Sprowson was of great assistance in getting the prototype working.
Prototype PCB Mounted card Mounted card
Prototype BBC IDE interface BBC IDE PCB card card mounted on a drive card mounted on a drive

build (text) build.doc (MSWord) 10K/165K PCB Assembly and usage instructions
usage.doc (MSWord) 30K IDE interface usage instructions
layout4.gif  25K PCB component layout
pcbv4.gif  31K PCB tracking
cdv4.gif  85K  interface circuit diagram
HDInit  12K HDInit for ADFS and HADFS
ADFS133  16K ADFS 1.33 for BBC B/B+
ADFS153  16K ADFS 1.53 for BBC Master
HADFS    HADFS for BBC or Master

Other related files

stripv4.gif  92K stripboard layout
wdv4.gif  103K interface wiring diagram
pics    Pictures of the IDE interface
pcbv6.gif  34K v1.06 PCB tracking - provides connections for terminators


These are some resources used when developing the IDE interface:

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