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BASIC Library BASIC programing library. Contains useful functions and procedures that can be included in BASIC programs to perform common useful functions. Includes fixed-place hex and decimal conversion, calendar calculation, file access, memory allocation, network interfacing, and command line scanning.
Make Make.zip v0.19 62K A 'make' system for Richard Russell's BBC BASIC for Windows (BBFW). It allows an application to be developed in several smaller source files instead of a single large source file, as well as allowing the easy building up of a 'libraries' of useful pieces of code. This concept will be familiar to anybody who has developed with 'C'.
Basic Converter BasConv.zip v1.20 21K Converts BBC BASIC files between ARM/BBC/32000 and Z80/80x86 tokenised formats and text files. Updated to convert Windows BASIC files correctly and to provide a command line interface. Correctly converts from A to B and back to A again; EXIT and PRIVATE tokenised.
BASIC examples Useful BASIC functions and procedures from the HADFS manual. Includes code to work out what platform BBC BASIC is running on.
Basic Utilities BBC BASIC utilities, *Assem, *BList, *BDiff, *Chain, *Crunch, *Link, *MCode, *Repair, *VList, etc.
BBC BASIC ProgTips BBC BASIC programming tips
BBC ProgTips BBC BASIC programming tips for the BBC Micro
Windows ProgTips BBC BASIC programming tips for Windows
Testing BBC BASIC test programs

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