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Commented disassembly and assembly listing of the JSW48 game engine. I typed this up from my original notes made in a school excercise book back in 1985.
RoomSpec 3K Jet Set Willy room definition. Updated to include Geoff mode and jsw128 extensions.
Sprites 3K Full list of default sprites in Jet Set Willy. Listed by JGH sprite number, Bank/Sprite number and Sprite Page.
JSW1 Sprites
JGH Sprites
Greg Sprites
  Images of the sprites in Jet Set Willy.
Guardians 5K Full list of default guardians.
Memory 4K Memory layout while JSW48 is running.
CodeLayout 1K Layout of code in the JSW game engine, showing locations of spare code space.
Pages 1K Summary contents of each page in memory.
FileFormat 1K Layout of various files used to save JSW data.
Terms 2K JSW terminology as defined by Andrew Broad in a posting to the JSW&MM mailing list. I have tried to ensure that my JSW documents uses these terms.
Geoff.htm 16K Geoff Mode explained. Extensions to the JSW game engine by Geoff Eddy. Mirror of http://www.cix.co.uk/~morven/jsw/geoffmode.html.
Links   Links to other Jet Set Willy sites and resources.
faq   Various unsorted almost-FAQs from various places.

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