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    The summary of my recommendations is to modify the City Council's proposals as follows (see full submission):

    • Move Regent Court from Walkley to Hillsborough so boundary follows river (map, map)
    • Tweak boundary at Watersmeet to follow river (map)
    • Tweak boundary at top of Carsick Hill to go behind houses (map)
    • Tweak boundary at Endcliffe Crescent to go behind houses (map, map)
    • Tweak boundary at Derby Street to follow footpath (map, map)
    • Move Olive Grove from Gleadless Valley to Arbourthorne (map, map)
    • Tidy boundary between Fulwood and Ecclesall/Dore & Totley at Ringinglow Road (map)
    • Investigate a better line on the ground between Richmond and Woodhouse

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