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ANFSConfig   wr/R ANFS Configuration settings
Changes      wr/R Changes between Econet/NFS ROM releases
Disabling    wr/R Disabling the Econet interface
EcoEther1    wr/R 
EcoEther2    wr/R 
EcoLink1     wr/R 
EcoLink2     wr/R 
FindServer   wr/R 
ISOLayer/doc wr/R ISO networking layers in Econet (MSWord)
ISOLayer/txt wr/R ISO networking layers in Econet (Text)
MachTypes    wr/R Machine Types returned from Immediate_MachinePeek
OverIP       wr/R Econet over IP
OverIPsrc    DL/  Econet over IP and IP over Econet
Packets      wr/R Econet Packets
Ports        wr/R Econet Ports
RISCiX.txt   wr/R Acorn Unix Econet Device Driver and Network Device (Text) - Transmitting IP over Econet
ServReply    wr/R Find Server reply code
SimpleConn   wr/R Simple network connection
Versions     wr/R Econet and NFS/NetFS versions (Text)
X25/Gateway  wr/R X25 Gateway (Text)
BeebWiki          BeebWiki networking pages

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