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  • Replacing the Startup screen
  • Replacing the Shutdown screen
  • Exporting Outlook's address book  
  • Windows and networking
  • Modifiers
  •   - Shift/Ctrl/Alt in filer windows
  • Profiles
  •   - Windows user profile file locations
  • FindUser
  •   - Obtain name of current user
  • winNTtips1
  •   - Some old notes on Windows NT
  • NTProfiles
  •   - Some old notes on user profile registry entries
  • Win7
  •   - Windows 7 tips

    Replacing the Startup Logo

    The startup screen displayed while waiting for you to log on can easily be changed by replacing the file C:\WinNT\winnt256.bmp on NT machines and C:\Windows\win256.bmp on Win9x machines. At work I have changed these to display our corporate logo.

    Nicer Shutdown Screen

    On Windows 95/98 machines, after shutting down a screen is displayed saying "You can now turn off the machine". Consequently, users were approaching a computer and turning them off, in order to turn them on again to use them. This shutdown screen is the file C:\Windows\logo.sys and I edited it here to add the words "or press ctrl-alt-delete to restart".

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