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10-Nov-2016 Updated RAMFS works correctly with Tubes. Added some more filing system test tools. Provided demo screens and demo program for extended BBC MODEs. Added demo programs from the Graphics Extension ROM and the Advanced User Guides. Added a transparency layer to Whitby Yards map browser. Added PRISMA OSWORD calls, added details of PRISMA graphics capabilities and PRISMA hardware information. Documented bugs in RFS and documented CFS/RFS functionality. Added a Fast ROMFS service handler. Updated list of ANSI display sequences. Added an index page of Acorn code sources. Added some short useful BBC 6502 routines printing text, generating errors, printing file datestamps. Functions to provide IF/ELSE/ENDIF conditional assembly with the BBC BASIC assembler. Added a PDP11 quick decimal number output code. Rebuilt PanOS archives. Archives of various Welcome Disks. Put together a set of 6809 CoPro sample programs. AP6Count displays 'Acorn' bitmap on Break. Initial 6809 BBC BASIC development code. Added macro assembler patch for 6502 HiBASIC. Updated TreeCopy to fix some reported bugs. Updated BBC Flex system code. PDP11 assembler checks for an invalid opcode suffix. Various fixes to PDP11 BBC BASIC. Tracked down RISC OS ROMFS support programs. Updated 32016 Pandora disassemblies. Wrote C version of Phone Number formatting library. Wrote local error handling library for 6502 BASIC. Added Tinsley 350 Master ROM set. [1700M]
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18-May-2016 Updated patch for RAMFS to correctly claim and release Tube and updated RAMFS tools. Started adding sample programs from New Advanced User Guide. Tweeked some BBC hardware address documents. Added images of BBC power supply connectors. Added link to parent directory in AFS0 filesystem documentation. Added Sheffield 2016 election results, maps and data. Progressing with transcribing Whitby 1950-51 registers. Converted ADFS disassembly into assembly source. Updated IDEPatch to create both BBC and Master IDE ADFS ROMs. Written an AP6-specific version of RAMCount. Updated MakeROM module building program. Uploaded source and binaries for updated Electron Plus 1 Support and Electron ROM Manager and Utilities. Continued commenting 32000 BBC BASIC disassembly. Uploaded results of testing BBC BASIC string handlers. TreeCopy updated to copy a single file from command line. Updated SRLOAD to load to EEPROMs. Continued commenting PanOS disassembly. Added BBC Tube Host source. [1700M]
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14-Jan-2016 Added fuller list of OSBYTE 160 calls to PDPTube emulator. Added source code for 65Tube emulator. Patch for RAMFS to correctly claim and release Tube. Put together RAMFS tools. MkMap can turn display off, doesn't lose boot options on HADFS disks. Added unformatted CUBE technical manual. Slight editing of PDP-11 CoPro technical reference. Added Electron memory locations to BBC memory layout. Added OSBYTE &6E to OSBYTE list and OSBYTE information. After lots of searching found Prisma OSWORD calls. Added Plus 1 hardware addresses. Some speculation on early ROM header layout. Updated PDP11 memory map. Updated Sheffield City Council election maps and election data. Transcribed and initial processing Whitby census data for several more decades. Added some more Whitby election data. Finished EMR MIDI schematic and updated ETI MIDI and JGH MIDI schematics, correcting numbering on 1MHz connector. Updated ROMs and Utils disks with updated *ROMS command that will work with EEPROMs. Renamed JGH disk images from JGHnnn.ssd to Name.ssd to match archives. Put together a sample of 6809 CoPro programs. Started writing up sideways modules information. Updated RAMCount to work on Electron, and AP6-specific RAMCount module to work with AP6 locking mechanism. Written updated AP6 control ROM. AsmPDP can EQU strings and -Dlabel option added. PDP11 BASIC optimised and some bugfixes, ROM checks for CoPro and claims *BASIC. Combined 6502 Tube clients into single source file. Created a version with known bugs fixed and some optimisation and added full Tube entry points. Updated 6809 Tube client to version 1.00. Rewritten BBC Tube host disassembly as source code with option to create Electron Tube host. Initial page for Matchbox CoPro. Updated PDP11 Tube client in light of testing with real hardware on the Matchbox CoPro. Written text-only file picker for BBC BASIC for Windows that makes no system API calls, simple enough to make it work on any platform. Tracked down and uploaded Millipede Prisma graphics processor ROMs. Updated DNFS customiser to allow file utils to be used when DFS disabled, reduce memory use and fix NFS *EX command. [1700M]
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14-Aug-2015 Added 2015 Sheffield election results, maps and data. Minor tweeks to disassembly modules. Updated 6502 second processor sources into single file. Updated PDP-11 Tube Client, now tested and running on real hardware. Added ROM images for Aries, Integra and Watford shadow RAM systems. [1700M]
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22-Feb-2015 Archive uses external suffixes file. DiskToImg and ImgToDisk can use partial geometry parameters, added -zero switch for special-case track zero. Wrote 6809Tube emulator, mainly to assist in testing 6809 code for the Matchbox 6809 CoPro. Written documentation for 6809 CoProcessor, updated 6809 opcode map and 6812 memory maps. Uploaded type-in programs from Advanced Disk User Guide. Added memory maps for Acorn Atom and Acorn System and comparison between both. Uploaded source code for System 1 monitor. Added 6809 entries to MOS API documentation and added list of high memory entry points on various platforms. Added 16K-wide RAM card details (eg Quarter Meg RAM Card) to FREDAddrs and RAMCard documentation. Added data for 6551 and 8154 used in Acorn Systems. Updated Teletext file format documentation. Uploaded Whitby census data for 1861 census and an adults-only 2011 census. Uploaded Whitby Street Directories for 1901 and 1913. Updated notes on a 6809 CoProcessor. Created a index page of Acorn source files. Updated 32K ROM/RAM details with picture of 32K SRAM, clarified flying lead list. Added screenshots of RAMCount running on BBC and Master showing full memory complement. Uploaded disassemblies of Master 512 DRDOS DRDOS support files. Added BBC relocatable module commands to Utility Disk archive and image. New set of 6809 software and resources. Updated 6809 disassembly module and written tiny disassembler for tiny memory systems. Written RAMCount module to display startup banner showing total amount of RAM. Updated BBC BASIC for Atom to correctly test for Escape key. Uploaded outline disassembly of Master 512 BBC BASIC. Uploaded *GO source. Started writing support modules for Flex-09 running on BBC 6809 CoProcessor. Updated and indexed BBC versions of Jet Set Willy. Debugged and updated 6809 CoProcessor client code, now running on the Matchbox CoPro. Migrated the updated into 6812 CoPro client. Updated commentry of 80x86 CoPro client code. Written patch for 80x86 Client to fix various bugs and patch for Z80 client to fix similar bugs. Uploaded source for Atom and System MOSes. [1700M]
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17-Jun-2014 Bugfix to DiskToImg and ImgToDisk to correctly access side 2 on BBC/Master. Added 8-bit computer system fonts. Updated *BMPSave to save BBC screen MODEs 4 to 6 as Windows BitMap files. Uploaded initial draft of how OSBYTE 0 host values map to filing system types and raw 8271 command list and calling routine. Updated keyboard layouts and added keyboard layout for BBC BASIC on Commodore 64. Added 2014 Sheffield election results, maps and data and created yearly STV modelling maps and voting result maps. Add Z80 code to implement CALL (HL) and LD HL,PC. Updated Pictures archives with updated *BMPSave command. Updated Brandy Basic with updated MOS interface module with re-written *command handlers. Started in-depth testing of BASIC code on BBC BASIC for Windows version 6. Added 6502 RAM test utility. Bugfixes for PDP-11 BASIC, for LIST, line editing, *chdir command, optimised control block access, DIM implemented, returned strings protected on return from functions. Page of Spectrum screen printout routines. Updated Spectrum tools with updated Command Line library. Updated Command Line library and tested on BBC BASIC for Windows version 6 and Brandy Basic. 1700M
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27-Jan-2014 BBCZip -resume option uses 'StillOpen' header to speed up scanning through archive. UxFiler FREE works, INFO displays SuperBlock. ADFStoUSB to copy ADFS disk to USB image. Z80Em patch lets Z80Em load zero-length tape blocks. PDPTube can take parameters with spaces in, added OSWORD 190, Windows version can run embedded BASIC as default. MkMap recovers ADFS/HADFS disk map. Updated BBC NetLib. Bugfixes in SoftMDFS scanning past end of directory. Some updates to Whitby Yards lists Documented entry conditions calling Z80 code on Z80 CoPros. Added memory map and opcode map of 6812 CPUs. Added Commodore 64 to list of file types and host values Added Acorn Atom/System keyboard layout and MOS entries, and updated Acorn System memory map. Updated ZIP file summary with details of 64-bit entries and FileOpen header and added most recent PKZip AppNote. Uploaded initial comparison of routines on different CPUs. Updated IDE ports list with fuller list of error and status results and updated list of OSWORD &72 result codes. Added Macintosh BBC BASIC tokens. Documented disk errors on various controllers and how to map between them. Minor tweeks and tidying up of disk format documents, added free space map info for Unix disks, and layout of a fresh blank disk. Added RT-11 and RSX calls to PDP-11 EMT and TRAP list. Comparison of RT-11 and Unix code layout, and how a single binary can run on both platforms. Updated list of RSX and RT-11 EMT calls. Documented user profile locations on various versions of Windows. Initial list of Goons quotes. Added Peter Capaldi to Dr Who actor ages. Some initial notes on Sheffield electoral history before 1893. Updated spreadsheet of Sheffield Lord Mayor nominating rights. Created maps of STV result modelling. Added 2013 Scarborough County Council and by-election results. Notes on shortcutting IFs. Added DayOfWeek and SquareRoot to PDP-11 programming tips. Finished 32016 disassembler module and tweeked disassembler and source creators. Tracked down a more recent version of BBC BASIC for the Apple Macintoch. Documented porting 6502 BBC BASIC to other 6502 platforms. Created BASIC 2 and BASIC 3 targetted to the Atom and System. Uploaded BBC BASIC targetted to the Commodore 64. Updated BBC BASIC environment test code with stronger CPU test. Documented BASIC cruncher and linker and building BASIC code from multiple sources and shared libraries, and updated utility commands documentation. Added *Keys, *KeySave, *KeyLoad commands. HADFS 6.00 finalised and released, full 24-bit disk access (4G drives), and most workspace relocated into hidden RAM on Master computers. Started scanning and OCR'ing documentation for Electromusic Research (EMR) MIDI system. Updated PDP-11 assembler to implmement octal constants, ALIGN to any power of two, and padding with ALIGN and EQUM always pads with zero bytes. More work on PDP-11 BBC BASIC, PRINT#, INPUT#, INPUT, floating point arithmetic, LISTO, FOR/NEXT, READ, SAVE (noname), FN/PROC lookup and call, LOCAL, string comparisons, tidier tty settings, can 'compile' an embedded program. Tidied up and documented some ZX Spectrum code. Recompiled Spectrum tools with updated libraries. Added OSWORD handler to 6809 Tube Client *RUN fixed in 6502 Serial client. Updated 6809 Serial client, added OSWORD handler and RAM vectors for ROM-based code. Completed 6812 Serial client. Updated a few BASIC libraries. 1700M
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24-Jan-2013 Screenshots of Automata programs. BeebArc can extract 62-file DFS images and can cope with much longer pathnames. BBCtoGIF working, some compression inefficiencies. Created BitMap samples and GIF samples. Added some more error messages to BBC error message lists. Listed default end-of-line sequence to HostMap platform differences. Added 16550 and 8279 datasheets. Completed transcribing Whitby census returns for 1891 and 1911, and documented changing definition of Whitby census area over the years. Tweeked Detokeniser programming tips for 8BS article. Added recommended programming code for dropping PAGE to increase program memory. Squeezed a little bit more optimisation out of CRC calcuation code. Major update of Micro User cover disk archives. I've been going through every disk and magazine ensuring all files present and working, adding missing type-ins and the standard Micro User menu front end. Added various Torch Unix disk images. Tweeked DisAssem MakeSource programs to be able to specify code start address and not include byte-dump comments. Recreated and commented BASIC 1 and BASIC 2 source, BASIC source also targettable for the Atom/System. Uploaded 6502 Tube Client that provides Atom/System environment. Uploaded source code for Maplin Z80 card. Tracked down Master Compact 5.11 ROM images and BASIC 41. Small BootFix relocatable ROM utility to solve Master forgetting Boot options. Documented and uploaded BBC relocatable modules (relocatable sideways ROMs) programs and resources, and uploaded relocatable sideways ROM library. 1300M
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01-Sep-2012 ImgToDisk can run on BBC, uses generalised geometry interface, pads variable-sized sectors. MkImage updated to create ADFS and HADFS disk images. Created list of fonts. Updated docuentation for EcoTCP IP-over-Econet. Updated AFSFiler to access Acorn Level 3 File Server disks and disk images. Updated HADFS Manual. Added some more location maps and photos to Whitby yards Gazetteer and added a few more yards to the Yards lists. Added HKSET OSWORD &51 and ISMED Monitor OSWORD &5F to OSWORDs documentation. Documented .INF file format properly. Fully documented full Acorn metadata and how it is stored by various applications and file systems. Added two-byte tokens to list of BBC BASIC token flags. Wrote up list of alternative BBC BASIC tokens. Clarified some of the text in ADFS filesystem documentation, clarified Level 3 FS details in Acorn File Server Disk documentation. Modified the formatting of BitMap and GIF documentation to clarify byte layout. Comparative list of RT-11, RSC, Unix and PDPTube EMTs and TRAPs, documented MFPT - Move From Processor Type instruction. Updated Sheffield City Council election maps, candidates and results, and Council Tax data. New maps of marginal seats. GoMMC tools updated to use generic GoMMC library. Prepared initial page for BBC BASIC on the Raspberry Pi. Uploaded generic recursive file wiper. Spectrum Machine Code archive 3 - VDU driver, extended catalogue, keyboard driver, RamDisk version 2. Wrote DeepKeys library that provides "deep" key-press information. 1300M
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