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19-Feb-2012 BBCZip has fuller pathname translation. Updated DiskToImg to use generic disk geometry interface, able to image mixed-density disks (eg Slogger DDCPM), and can run on BBC again. MkImage pads to the end of partially empty sectors. UxFiler doesn't match 'EX' command to 'EXPORT'. PDPTube Unix interface fetches correct parameters for brk() and pipe(). Added demo program to BBC MODE 8/MODE 9. Updated BBC Library with *KeyLoad, *KeySave, *KeyList and *Obey commands. Added ReadMe file to NetUtils and added PutGet random access buffer for unbuffered NFS. Worked out how PanOS stores timestamp in load and exec addresses. Started scanning and OCRing MIDITrack manuals. Updated CPU opcode lists and opcode maps for 6309, 6800, 6809, 6811, 6812 and 8051. Uploaded opcode specification for a theoretical 32-bit 6502. Added list of Acorn Atom MOS Entries. Wrote a cut-down summary of the ZIP file format. Added details of I/O ports on 6551, 6581, 6850, 6854 and 9914, and a comparison of ACIA ports, and details of Tube ports. Added datasheets for 6402, 8251 and Z80SIO. Added comparison of Acorn directory layouts. Added note about 32-bit ADFS checksum byte. Corrected brk() and pipe() parameters in PDP11 Unix calls. Updated Z80 opcode list with opcodes in Lunter Z80 emulator. Updated some Manual pages. Updated Dr Who programme list. Generalised optimised 6502 decimal printout code. Corrected access byte errors in file server Application Notes. HDInit attempts to use API call before making direct hardware access. Updated BBC BASIC detokeniser code with PDP BASIC detokeniser. Added PDP-11 program tip on how to use brk() to claim memory. Updated PanOS release disks with release 1.1, and release 1.4, also rebuilt the archives with repaired file modification dates, and rebuilt disk images. Uploaded Casper disk images. Updated some JGH archives. Rebuilt JGH disk images. Updated general CPU resources pages. Updated BBC BASIC resources, added 32016 BASIC v1.13, and System BASIC. Updated platform-specific information for BBC BASIC information, particularly Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Atom, Commodore 64, Master 512, Put together information on Micro Scribe. Updated some BBC BASIC porting information. Patched John Kortink's ARM BASIC patch to assemble 6502 and 6809 to also patch ARM BASIC 1.05. Simple conversion program to convert 6809 text assembly source to BASIC assembly source. Updated Z80 BASIC utilities. Updated Brandy Basic with latest source and binaries. Uploaded online manual and source for *KeyList, *KeySave and *KeyLoad. Major update to HADFS to implement full 24-bit disk access, increasing maximum disk size from 16M to 4G. PDP BASIC can do string assigment, dynamic variables, program can be edited from immediate mode, sbrk() used to claim as much memory as possible from default PAGE upwards. ARGS &FF calls sync(), *cd <dir> implmented. Updated some more Spectrum backups and Spectrum tools. Tidied up 32016 Tube page, updated 32016 disassemblies and pictures. Added links to Serial Tube to individual CPU pages. Updated 6809 Serial Client in light of testing with 6812 Client and wrote some simple Serial Tube test code. Updated RISC OS boot system. Updated DiskIO library to explicity select filing system. Simple filename translation library. Generalised filename extension and suffix library. Uploaded JGHMOS source for patched BBC MOS. Updated BAU Windows to use updated OSWORD call that can pass more than 5-character window title. 1300M
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01-Oct-2011 ConvRTF has option to enable/disable extended highlights. Notes on incrementing and decrementing large numbers in 6502 code. Updated DFS disassemblies. Created command naming summary and command name list. Context library to read and write filing system context. 1300M
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16-Jun-2011 Updated BBCZip with rewritten faster CRC calculation, updated NetFS library, some options renamed as per InfoZip and new -resume option. Added directory layout information to DOSFS documentation. Some updates to Whitby Yards lists and Gazetteer. Uploaded latest InfoZip Options list. Corrected single-byte error in Z80 opcode maps. Updated some Manual pages. Added Sheffield 2011 Council Tax and election documents and Whitby 2011 election documents. Wrote sample working CRC-32 calculation code that can be pasted directly into other programs. Updated JGH-PD disk archives and images. Uploaded Micro User cover disks for Oct 1990 to XMas 1994. Updated BASIC *Crunch and *Link source. Updated PDP11 assembler to stamp output files and list byte values. Uploaded standard suffix file. Debugged and updated generic NetFS library and uploaded Filename translation library. 1275M
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31-Dec-2010 Uploaded Acorn Archive/GetBack and wrote instructions. Added GetBack capability to Archive. ZipCrunch can recrunch a ZIP file keeping all existing metadata. Updated USBFiler to use fast machine code data transfer. Uploaded Windows binary version of DefChar. Uploaded serial network patch for NFS. Added some notes about Springboard. Uploaded retypeset and reformatted IEEEFS manual. Added details of Black, CJR and GetBack archives to archiving specifications as well as some initial information on identifing archive files. Added list of filing systems selectable on Break. Added external serial ports information to 6850Ports and Tube ports documentation. Uploaded Network Sockets documentation. Updated OSWORD &72 and OSWORD &7F documents. Uploaded updated and corrected Level 3 FileServer filesystem structure specification. Uploaded some Gus Hedges quotes and the lyrics to the Porterhouse college song. Uploaded lyrics for Dougal and the Blue Cat. Added more Whitby 1891 census documents. Uploaded some reformatted Acorn Application Notes. Uploaded ARM CoPro CPU board and memory board schematics. Rewrote BBC circuits diagrams index list. Uploaded updated and debugged SCSItoIDE hard drive transfer program. Added sample code for using the onboard BASIC ROM to detokenise BASIC programs. Updated BuildMOS so runnable on non-BBC OSs. Wrote sample working ZX Spectrum Printout code. Redrew Z80 1M memory mapping unit and wrote code on Z80 indirect subroutine calls. Cleaned up Church Street building plans and added Grape Lane plans. Repaired some broken files in Master Welcome Disk and Compact Welcome Disk archives. Uploaded JGH CP/M tools, replacement CCPs, system tools, utilities. Tweek to EARS MakeReg printed electoral register generator to deal with very long ward/polling district names. Updated MkSrc source generator to have text output option. Uploaded table of standardised *command names. Uploaded replacement BIOS for Acorn Z80 CoProcessor or emulator to provide access to a hard drive accessed as drive C: from CP/M. Uploaded various CP/M tools and ZNOS tools and documentation. Uploaded MkData, program to create DATA statements from input file. Updated Spectrum tools and standardised names of BINtoTAP, DispScrn, MDRCat, TAPCat, TAPtoMDR and ZXConv. and written documentation. Uploaded source code for OSWORD &FA. Wrote serial HostFS based on 6502 Serial Tube client and Serial Tube Host for RISC OS or Windows. Wrote MemIO data transfer library, Ethernet Sockets library filename translation library and development versions of LaserDisk library. [631M]
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31-Jul-2010 Clearer list of ZipTools. Completely rewrote DiskToImg and ImgToDisk and wrote much better documentation. MkImage can recurse into source directories to copy to DFS directories. PDPTube implements Unix indir, exec and exece. BBCtoBMP and BMPtoBBC updated to parse "quoted" command line parameters, initial *BMPSave command written. Added some more details to Whitby Yards Gazetter. Uploaded list of BBC error messages. Updated OSBYTE list with specific Texas Instruments values. Updated OSWORD list Added documentation on 1770 (Floppy Controller), 9914 (IEEE Interface) and 6581 (Sound Interface) ports. Added clock speed settings for various 6850 (Serial Interface) devices. Added 6581 SID and IEEE 9914 details to FRED Addresses. Added some more commentary and tidyed up formatting for OS 1.20 disassembly. Tidyed up Econet documents, adding FindServer, Econet Over IP, Packets, Ports and Simple Connection. Added MIDI, BMP and GIF file format documents. Added some of Ben's Management Speak. Uploaded some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory song lyrics. Uploaded latest election result documents, including probable STV and AV results. Updated MIDI documentation, added Casio HT700 MIDI summary. Added system() call in PDP-11 assembler. Written replacement Acorn CP/M BIOS to provide hard drive support. Written a few general-purpose CP/M utilities and [GET|PUT][SYS|CCP|BDOS|BIOS] commands. Added SETPATH command for SJCCP. Rewritten and properly documented BBC *MIDI Sound-to-MIDI redirection command. Lots of Unix calls implemented in PDP-11 BASIC: OSARGS, OSCLI, SAVE, LOAD, OPENIN/OUT/UP, CLOSE. SIGSEG and SIGBUS trapped and generate local error. Comparisons implemented, CALL addr,params done. Written PDP-11 AddrOf library and Windows WinCmd to catch errors from WinDOS commands. [631M]
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31-Dec-2009 Written USBFiler to access BBC USB devices. Updated Whitby yards list and Whitby yards gazetter. Added 2681 and USB ports to BBC I/O addresses. Uploaded translation map between VDU function and OSBYTE 160. Added Little Shop of Horrows script and quotations from the Book of Om. Added some more historical Sheffield election details. Tweeked IDEDump to correctly write 16-bit data with a 16-bit interface. Uploaded 'C' and VisualBasic code to read and write BBC BASIC data files. Uploaded description of High Stones walk. HexDiff and HexPatch updated to use faster file I/O and updated command line parsing. PDP BASIC stacks program structures, RESTORE/LOCAL/PROC(addr%)/FN(addr%) implemented. Tweeked 'C' documents. Written AddrOf and Windows Path BASIC libraries. 631M
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30-Aug-2009 Updated BBCZip Options documentation. Created ZipToInf tool to extract Acorn metadata from ZIP archives. Added ADFImage to DiskTools. Added documentation and Windows version of MkImage. Bugfix for UxFiler, does OPENOUT before writing instead of OPENIN. Z80Tube uses workspace for handlers, uses embedded code if Z80Tube$Basic system variable not present, added *CPM command and -cpm option to start in CPM. PDPTube and 65TubeEm correctly accesses VDU variables and mouse position on Windows. Updated documentation on Pretov DOSFS. Added conversion utilities between BBC screen dumps and bitmaps and uploaded some samples. Updated NGRCalc grid reference calculator to do Channel Islands and Ireland, and provide a command line interface so it can be called from other code. Updated RISC OS network library with SyncTime. Added *SAVE and *LOAD parsing to SoftMDFS to support Atom clients. Uploaded updated Whitby Yards street list and yards list and uploaded full yards Gazetteer. Added TI Calculator to list of host values. Uploaded ARM opcode map. Updated BBC memory layout with mouse and Econet workspace details. Uploaded list of CMOS RAM locations. Added 6809 entry points for BBC API documentation. Added translation code to DOSFS and Unix attributes to FileAccess documentation. Added Acacia/Retro RAMFS handles to handles list. Uploaded details of palette entries stored in load/exec addresses and updated ScanDir to use library functions. Updated list of Econet Changes and Versions. Added general keyboard and PC keyboard layouts. Added some more entries to RISC OS SWI blocks and SWI list. Uploaded lyrics for Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Added Weird Al catalogue and split lyrics into individual albums. Added Matt Smith to Dr Who programme list. Rearranged scripts by season. Updated Sheffield election maps for last couple of years and updated council tax documents. Uploaded Sheffield's 2009 European election documents and Whitby European and North Yorkshire election documents. Rescanned and updated BBC circuit diagrams. HDInit IDE drive initialiser displays full details by default and checks if not running in I/O processor. Added documentaion for IDE test programs. Uploaded pictures of working 16-bit interface. Added code to tokenise with Z80 BASIC. Uploaded Z80 square roots code. Reprocessed and uploaded JGH pictures archives and disk images. Uploaded EARS MakeReg to create a paper register from EARS data. Tweeked disassembly programs and libraries to supply address and data width hints. PDP BASIC can load and tokenise text file. Tokeniser sped up with offsets to each initial letter, line numbers tokenised correctly, LineFind written to search for program line for GOTO/GOSUB/RETURN and line editing. LOAD file$,addr implemented, 31-bit decimal numbers working, times10 subroutine working. Tweeked layout of C coding documents and files. Rearranged BBC libraries to be bbc/os.h, bbc/xos.h and bbc/vdu.h, etc. Added BBC libraries to list of C libraries. Updated CmdLine library to deal with quoted entities. Updated Phone library to deal with full UK telephone number range. Added sample code to find network server. Added Z80 BASIC code to Tokeniser library. Uploaded sample code to add additional network drivers to NFS and ANFS ROMs. 536M
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05-Mar-2009 Added documentation for SSDtoDSD and DSDtoSSD. Updated Unix Filer to handle DOS extension better and corrected documentation. Escape handling in PDPTube moved entirely into background. BasConv updated to translate new ARM BASIC EXIT and PRIVATE tokens. Uploaded Acorn Graphics Extension ROM manual and programs. Uploaded new Whitby Yards cover, reduced-size map and other information. Added SoliDisk information to OSBYTEs list Tweeked layout of BBC API pages. Added preliminary information on the Rabbit CPU. Rearranged Rockall pages and maps to use more appropriate filenames. Added a few more 6502 and Z80 programming tips. Uploaded corrected BBC keyboard circuit diagram and SAA5050-series teletext display IC information. Updated various JGH PD disk archives and disk images. Uploaded CAVE for CPM and updated CPM utilities images. Updated Z80 BBC BASIC ROM to cope better with co-existing with ARM CoProcessor. Started updating ARM BBC BASIC to implement BBC BASIC for Windows extensions. BBFW Make system can include icon files and RISC OS version can crunch the included BASIC code. PDP11 assembler doesn't output listing to screen if no listing file specified. PDP11 BASIC implements static variables, address-of function, MOS calls via CALL and USR, catching SIGINT and SIGQUIT in background working properly, TIME, OSARGS and OSBYTE return correct values on UNIX, LOAD file$,addr implemented. Finally tracked down copy of Part 2 of Dragon In The Tube, using a Dragon as a 6809 CoPro. Updated and added some more BASIC libraries. Uploaded DNFS 2.00 (DFS 1.00/NFS 3.40). 505M
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11-Nov-2008 Better Escape processing in PDPTube. Added grid reference calculator for Channel Islands. Will integrate Great Britain, Ireland and Channel Islands into one program later. Updated network library. Updated printer driver for HP Deskjet. Added some more yards to Yards of Whitby location lists. Reformatted filing system handles list to fit CUBE IOFS better. Rescanned all drives to update SWI list. Added maps and grid references for Channel Islands and information on the OSGB grid. Tweeked Rockall documents to get better naming consistancy. Uploaded demo Geograph centisquare. Uploaded Sunscreen lyrics. Updated Asimov timeline and Doctor Who programme list. Uploaded Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study 162-164 Church Street, Whitby. Tweeked Chameleon circuit diagram, previously data lines were swapped on two latches. Updated MkSrc to recognise ROM image load/exec addresses. Updated BBC BASIC archives with correct datestamps. Uploaded magazine articles that accompanied PrList, VList and MDump. PDP BASIC does octal and binary output as well as hex and decimal. Uploaded mirror of Erik Groenhuis's Calendar module. Fixed a couple of typos in the comments in PDP11 Tube client and Z80 Serial client. Added BBC Serial host. Uploaded magazine article that accompanied GetPages. 496M
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17-Sep-2008 Added SolarSys orrery to animation programs. Bigfixed and modularised MkImage. UxFiler supports 24-bit Unix file system. PDPTube manages DOS/Windows filename extensions properly. Uploaded text version of 32016 Assembler manual and PanOS Guide. Added a PDP11 CoPro technical reference. Reviewed and updated Whitby Yards street list. Uploaded introduction to 65816 CPU. Added &F95 (Code) to Acorn filetypes list. Updated ZIP file format extras field documentation with extended BBC/RISC OS entries. Added ARM opcode map. Added VIEW workspace OSBYTE to OSBYTE list. Added list of memory size for different screen sizes. Documented Unix 16-bit and 24-bit file system formats. Tweeked PDP-11 Unix system call documents and added list of differences between UNIX 6 and UNIX 7. Added some more BBC man pages. Typed up some more 1891 Whitby Census documents. Zipped up MDFS disk images to compress them. Rearchived Z80 BBC BASIC archives. Added programming tip on exporting Windows registry entries. Added SOB and M[T|F]{PD|PI|PS] opcodes to PDP11 assembler. PDP11 BBC BASIC has full interface commands and functions, hex, octal and binary input and output, full seven-level recursive expression evaluator, all integer arithmetic and string functions written, chunk of commands implemented. Added page on example installation procedures. Uploaded sample PDP11 ROM header source code. 485M
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