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12-Jul-2008 Z80Tube runs successfully on the ARM CoPro. Tweeked 6502 opcode lists, added 65816 opcode lists. Added PEDL Z80 CoPro ports to FREDAddrs port list. Fixed links in C target macros documents. Added eZ80, Z800, Z180, Z280 and Z380 opcode documents and updated Z80 Family comparison. Added results of interupt mode 2 operation to Z80 FAQ. Uploaded Units manual page. Uploaded pictures and diagrams of Electron 2nd Processor. Uploaded source for MP-09 monitor for SWTP 6809 computer. Updated BBC BASIC 2 source code and uploaded initial BBC BASIC IV source. Updated list of BBC BASIC programs compatible with BBC BASIC for Windows. Uploaded ZXConv to convert between Spectrum BASIC, Devpac and text files. Uploaded Electronics Today article on building an Electron 2nd Processor. 424.1M
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22-Mar-2008 PDPTube checks for nonaligned word access, uses updated disassembly API, provides null environment on entry. Z80Tube almost runs on ARM CoPro. Uploaded text version of IEEE User Guide. Added OSBYTES &5A, &72-&74, &FA to OSBYTE list and &50,&51,&72,&BB to OSWORD list. Corrected typos and uploaded DFS OSWORD tutorial. Added details on 6551 ACIA ports. Corrected typos and uploaded Mastering Sideways ROM tutorial. Updated Sheffield City Council maps and corrected some typos in Seven Hills of Sheffield. Updated lists of Sheffield Elected Members. Added description of PDP11 UNIX system calls. Uploaded 6809 CPU card circuit diagram and pictures of various CUBE systems. Corrected some typos in EARS wishlist. Uploaded source and memory map for Acorn System 6809 CPU eurocard. Slight tweek to disassembly programs. Uploaded initial BBC BASIC 2 source code. Uploaded ZNOS BDOS source code. Uploaded HADFS 5.50 system files, updated to ensure full 1981-2108 year range. PDP-11 BBC BASIC works within UNIX environment, all I/O calls implemented, simple initial evaluator written for testing. Added source and ROM images for CUBE EuroBeeb host and client ROMs. Finished writing 6809 Tube client source. Uploaded source for CUBE BeebFlex host ROM. 375.3M
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01-Jan-2008 Some miscellaneous animation programs uploaded. HADFS BACKUP added to DiskTools. Progressing through converting Second Processor documents to text; 32016 CoPro Assembler manual, 6502 CoPro User Guide, ARM CoPro Assembler manual and Z80 CoPro User Guide. Added FNrm() memory read function to Memory Addressing document. Added Font PLOT to PLOT numbers list. Commented WRCH control routine in OS 1.20 disassembly. Uploaded a set of labels for consumer units warning of mixed wiring colours. Uploaded initial diagram of typical fully-pumped non-zoned central heating system.. Uploaded circuit diagrams for 32016, 6502, 80186 and Z80 second processors and 6809 CPU card. Slight update to BBC Mouse documentation. Wrote document on joining multiple ROM images together in a single ROM image. Updated information on using 32K sideways ROM/RAM on how to use 32K sideways RAM in the BBC B+. Updated Acorn CPM disk images with disk labels. Corrected typos in EARS wishlist. Completely rewritten disassembler control program and updated relevant disassemblers. All disassemblers now fully work on BBC, RISC OS and Windows. Updated list of BBC BASIC programs that work on Windows. Uploaded code to add a mouse driver in the spare space in DFS ROM. Uploaded updated SJCCP source and code image. Rearranged main page for 32016 Tube systems. Found and uploaded Huw Jones' articles on using a Dragon 64 as a 6809 second processor. Updated page on Graham Toal's 6809 second processor. Updated OSWORD &FF Tube data transfer source to use workspace labels instead of constants. Started updating source code to access paged/banked memory. Documented Number BASIC library. Added paged/banked memory access library. Added ADFS 1.40 M32 and ADFS 1.40 B32 patched for 32016 second processor access to hard drives (but losing floppy access). Added ADFS 1.31 E00 and DFS 2.24+Mouse 1.00 combined DFS and Mouse driver. [258.3M]
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24-Oct-2007 Major update to Unix filer application to read Unix disk images. Converted BBC function keystrips to RTF file. Uploaded SJ MDFS Chapter10 and Pandora Technical Reference Manual. Uploaded clarification of BBC file access byte. Updated filing system numbers and filing system handles. Added RISC OS 5 header to X command. Added reference to DFS+Mouse ROM and ADVAL(5), ADVAL(6) to BBC Mouse information. Fixed damaged files in PanOS installation disk and uploaded single archive of a full system installation. Uploaded ARM Evaluation System installation disks. Re-archived JGH software packages. Started putting together some 6809 resources. Updated Disassembler programs and modules. Started on a 32016 BBC BASIC. Updated information on porting BBC BASIC (Z80). Added source code to put a mouse driver in the spare space in the Master DFS ROM. Wrote up 32016 Pandora entries. Uploaded Z80 CoPro function key strips. Tidied up ROMs area. [258.3M]
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08-Aug-2007 Slight update to HADFS Filer to time-stamp directories. BasConv updated to include new EXIT token in BBC BASIC for Windows. MkIndex moved to Graphics area. Updated and bugfixed BeebFrame uploaded. Completed SJFiler to extract data from SJ MDFS disks and disk images. Put together MUGINS technical notes, and a link to MUGINS itself. Updated HADFS Manual and uploaded new pages for SJ MDFS manual. Uploaded summary list of Whitby Yards locations and missing street nameplates. Updated Acorn Hosts file to list some more MachineTypes. Reformatted OSWORDs list, uploaded list of PLOT numbers. Written initial BBC FAQ pages on MOS API and ROM/TAPE File format. Updated list of FS numbers and documented return values from OSARGS. Added Windows EXIT token to tokens lists. Uploaded full MachineType list. Fixed broken MSWord document on Econet layers and uploaded text version. Uploaded text version of Unix Econet Device Driver documentation of IP over Econet and some initial documentation on Econet over IP. Sheffield and Whitby 2007 local election data uploaded. Added programming tip on setting file datestamps. Written page on using 32K EPROMs in 16K ROM sockets and replacing the BBC Master system ROM. Rearchived Acorn CPM system disks and Torch CPN system disks with free sectors blanked out to ensure higher compression. Uploaded Challenger CPM system files. Provided final few images for BBC BASIC links. Added latest version of Brandy BASIC. Provided new link to XTerm CPMFiler can access physical floppies and can TYPE text files with any end-of-line sequence. Updated CPM FREE and SETCCP commands to allow disk to be specified. Uploaded alternative CPM Command Processors including source. Uploaded HexPatches for Jet Set Willy patches. Uploaded code for OSWORD &FF cross-Tube data transfer call. Written documentation for Alan Pemberton's VTClock Tweeked a few BBC BASIC libraries and documentation. Tidied up maps area. 258.3M
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14-Apr-2007 Preliminary tool for reading Unix disk images. Unix stack frame created on entry to compliant code with PDP-11 emulator. CPMFS author address updated Updated HADFS manual uploaded. Updated 80x86 opcode list. Added most recent Acorn FAQ and Filetypes documents. Slight updates to OSWORD &7F and DFS memory use. Added file system documentation for Torch CPN and 16-bit Unix disks, as well as Bitmap and Icon file formats. Added some more RISC OS filetype icons. Uploaded Sheffield 2007 election candidates list. Added more information to IDE drive test data and updated to allow ADFS and HADFS paritions on the same drive. Minor update to building instructions for 8-bit IDE card and building instructions for 16-bit IDE card written. Re-uploaded Torch CPN disk images. HexPatch and HexDiff updated to deal with single files. HADFS 5.41 tweeked to prevent DFS on the BBC B+ corrupting its workspace. AsmPDP PDP-11 assembler implments ADR label,dst operation. [234.3M]
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22-Feb-2007 Uploaded list of Whitby Yards. Finally managed to find enough information to put together a 80x86 opcode list. Uploaded some ARM Cookbook documents. Added details of OSBYTE &A3,&F3. Got a corrected ADFS checksum routine written and added it to ADFS disk format specication. Uploaded service call &2B information. Started putting together a filetypes icon reference. Added as80 documentation and various Z80 FAQs and undocumented opcode information. Worked on a few more Duckman scripts. Uploaded some Acorn Application Notes. Started writing up some notes on replacing the BBC Master system ROM. Uploaded Spectrum line editor tapefile. Updated BBC BASIC links page. Uploaded photo of ZX Spectrum running BBC BASIC. Updated ShellCLI command line demo code. Wrote a demonstration tiny CP/M BIOS. Tweeked list of Music collections and compiled them into disk images and archives. Updated AsmPDP and PDPEm with new ProgEnv library. Did a bit more work on PDP-11 BBC BASIC. Tweeked and updated documentation for ZX Spectrum BBC BASIC. Wrote documented source code for 6502 Tube client code. Added Sprow's comments to BBC Tube host disassembly and uploaded Z80 Serial Tube client code. Typed up some more documentation for Z80 Tube client. Uploaded pictures of the PEDL Z80 coprocessor. Updated Alan Pemberton's VTClock to work on any BBC BASIC platform. Uploaded archive of all BBC BASIC libraries. Updated ProgEnv library to run on ARM CoProcessor. Added Windows Registry library. [234.3M]
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02-Oct-2006 Uploaded 6502 Tube Emulator written entirely in BASIC. I've been using this for testing ARMCoPro and as a demonstration of using Make files. Started putting together snapshot conversion programs. Uploaded Arena II networked multi-user adventure game. Uploaded 6502 code for printing decimal and stacking blocks of memory. Added trackerball, OSWORD 0 workspace, CFS memory details, Master-specific high memory details and I/O device addresses to BBC memory map. Added OSWORD &B2 and more OSWORD &13 calls to OSWORDs list. Put together BBC API reference. Uploaded details of memory corrupted by DFS OSWORD &7F and details of DFS memory usage. Uploaded instructions on how to use OSGBPB 8 to scan directories to find files and subdirectories. Uploaded mirror of 2005 Spectrum FAQ. Humour tidied up and rearranged slightly, Computing Songs rearranged, stored alphabetically. Repaired and uploaded Application Note 007 - Z80 Second Processor Notes. Uploaded details on using mice on BBCs. Uploaded MRtoEARS to convert PDF marked registers to EARS input files Updated BBC BASIC links to R.T.Russell's rearranged site. Uploaded source for ZModem file transfer and SerLink serial linking software. Uploaded HexDiff and HexPatch to create and patch files with hex patch files, and uploaded some Jet Set Willy hex patch files. Tidied up, documented and uploaded Spectrum machine code source and Coding. Fixed a typo in Tube Protocol and PDP11 Tube client. Added Mouse and NetFS libraries, updated Pathname library and documented Phone phone number library. Wrote DFSTester to test reading and writing to 3.5" disk drives. Uploaded SmallTask graphical task window. Started putting together a photos area. 234.3M
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26-Jul-2006 BasConv examines source file contents to determine file type if none specified on command line. Typed up OSBYTE 187 application note. Added 6850 I/O information. Added corrupted register information for Interface 1 hook codes when first called. Uploaded BeebEx circuit diagram. Added BBC BASIC programming top on determining saved BASIC file format and on tokenising BASIC. Uploaded a large batch of pictures including sideways ROM, Econet hardware, SJ Research hardware and Spectrum ROMBox. Corrected typos and page structure in BBC BASIC links and tools. BBC BASIC for the ZX Spectrum host interface now supports microdrive access. Added some more tested programs to the list of BBC BASIC programs compatible with Windows BBC BASIC for Windows Make system fully supports source files in Russell, Acorn or text format, and can also create console (text) applications. Added microdrive image of Jet Set Willy. Uploaded various command-line Spectrum file tools including TAPtoMDR to copy Spectrum Tapefiles to Microdrive image files. Updated Spectrum applications tweeked to ensure the are directly runnable with the JGH-ROM with *command or RUN"filename". Uploaded Russell format versions of BBC BASIC libraries. Added m_zalloc() to MAlloc library and added BASIC tokeniser library. 248.5M
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21-May-2006 PDPTube implements most Unix file IO functions. Updated Z80Tube with update to BBC BASIC. BasConv correctly converts to and from Windows BASIC. Sheffield 2006 local election data uploaded. Details on patching 16-bit IDE interface PCB added. Pictures of various BBC disk drives uploaded. Started an initial document on adding shifted keys to Spectrum keyboard. Updated Z80 BBC BASIC to not be dependant on the returned file length after LOAD. Added -text option to BBC BASIC for Windows Make system. PDP-11 assembler now accepts '$' in constants and also works as a Windows console application. Added Tube claimant IDs to Tube protocol document. Added pictures of internal and external 32016 CoProcessors. 246.3M
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